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The time and labor method your business uses is more important than you might think. Outdated or manual systems can result in inefficiencies, unnecessary costs, and employee dissatisfaction. With competition in many industries as high as ever, few businesses — regardless of their size — can afford such expensive missteps in their operations.

Our modern, Web-based time and labor management system and free mobile app for iOS and Android devices can help you improve payroll accuracy, stay compliant with federal wage and hour requirements, and save time by automating your time and attendance processes.

    Easy Access. Time and Labor Online is available through the Paychex FlexSM single-sign-on user interface. It's easy to navigate and fully integrated with Paychex payroll and other business service offerings.

    Simple Setup. Once Time and Labor Online is installed, you can easily set up time rules, control system access, and enter and change employee information.

    Flexible Pay Rules. Set up multiple pay rules to accommodate your specific requirements for attendance, rounding, overtime, lunches, breaks, and more.

    Rapid Scheduler. Manage individual and group schedules quickly and efficiently.

    Time-Off Request Calendar. The shared calendar makes it easy to manage requests, approvals, and potential scheduling conflicts.

    One-Click Approvals. Approve PTO and time cards quickly and accurately.


    Configurable Alerts. Set up custom reports to notify you of employee data about approaching overtime, attendance, and other exceptions.

    Automated Cost Control Reporting. Schedule the production of reports at a time that’s convenient for you, so you can monitor current labor activities, control costs, and increase overall productivity.

    Status Board. Provide supervisors with up-to-the-minute visibility of on-premises and work-status information.

    Multiple Input Options. Select from a range of input options, including Web-punch, online timesheets, biometric, and proximity clocks.

Streamline Your Payroll Process. Generate payroll checks from time and attendance information integrated with Paychex payroll solutions for small to mid-sized and large businesses.

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