Updated through November 30, 2015

Year-End Employer Reference Guide

Welcome to the Paychex Year-End Employer Reference Guide.

Review your Year-End Reference Guide, including year-end instructions, as well as federal and state updates, all in one document, or download them separately below.

Download the Year-End Reference Guide

If you are a Paychex PEO client, you can access your Year-End Employer Reference Guide here.

Year-End Instructions

Review up-to-date payroll information to help ensure accurate processing of your year-end payroll reports, tax deposits, and tax returns.*

Download the Year-End Instructions PDF

Please Note: Items that require action are indicated by a check box ( ◻ ).

State Updates

For the latest updates, make a selection from the drop down. If your state is not listed, there are no updates.

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Tools and Resources

Federal Information

State Information

*Please note that the information presented is of a general nature and is not intended to replace the advice and services of an attorney or accounting professional. Paychex is not rendering legal or accounting advice. You are solely responsible for determining, exercising, and managing your own rights and obligations under applicable laws.

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