The three-part, co-sponsored HR Seminar Series will again bring together SCORE and Paychex clients to learn about critical HR issues for small businesses. The seminars will be presented by the chosen HRG, and are topics taken from the Paychex client seminars.

Promotion Activities

  • Paychex Corporate Marketing will invite our clients.
  • SCORE will invite their clients.
  • Please use the invitation to promote the seminars to your prospects.

Seminar Schedule

The following are the topics and presentations for the seminars. Paychex HR Professionals, please add your photo and information to the introductory slide of each presentation. You may customize the presentations to meet your specific needs and the needs of the attendees.

(Invitations, presentations, and other downloadable materials will be available shortly. Please check back soon.)

All seminars take place on a Wednesday.

  • April 5 - HR 101: Key Issues and How to Solve Them
  • June 28 - Employee Lifecycle: Interviewing, Hiring, and What Comes Next
  • September 20 - Shaping Your Policy and Company Culture with Employee Handbooks

Best Practices for Paychex Sales Reps and HR Professionals

Sales Representatives

  1. A member from the Paychex Marketing department will contact the local DSMs, who will then appoint the sales representative(s) to work with the local SCORE chapter.
  2. Following notification from your DSM contact your SCORE partner and set up a logistics meeting with the designated SCORE chapter contact.
  3. Keep your designated HRG updated regarding the seminar date, time, location, etc.
  4. Optional: Send customized invitations to your prospects. (Click "Download Invitation Template" above.)
  5. Add prospects to SFDC. Prospects must be listed as follows:
    Lead Source = Referral - SCORE
    Opportunity = 2017 SCORE Seminar Grant
  6. Discuss with HRG which sales materials you'd like to distribute at the seminar.
  7. Remember to bring the sign-in sheet.
  8. Arrive early to help SCORE set up the seminar.
  9. Work with SCORE on introductions, as your role at the seminar is to be a greeter and host.
  10. After following up, send all attendees thank-you notes even if you continue to prospect.
  11. Keep cultivating your SCORE chapter relationship.

HR Professionals

  1. Following a communication from your AM, work with your sales partner to coordinate seminar logistics.
  2. Review the seminar presentation and add your bio. (Click "Download Presentation" links above.)
  3. Review the registration list to determine audience demographics.
  4. Review with the sales rep which handouts will be provided at the seminar.
  5. Arrive early on the day of the seminar, bring the presentation, and check the AV equipment.
  6. Presentation time — You've got this!