Lunch 'n' Learn Event Toolkit

Welcome to your Paychex Lunch 'n' Learn "event in a box." This 4-part lunch ‘n’ learn co-sponsored seminar series will bring together SCORE and Paychex clients to learn about critical HR issues for small businesses. Here you will find the resources you need host and co-promote you seminars:

  • Seminar topics and presentations
  • Your Paychex partner contact information
  • Downloadable PDF invitations
  • Lunch 'n' Learn event checklist

Seminar Topics and Presentations

A Paychex local, certified HR professional will present the following topics. The SCORE client invitation will be sent by SCORE National to your Constant Contact account.

Seminar Topics and Presentations

Lunch 'n' Learn Event Checklist

  1. Contact your local Paychex representative and schedule a kickoff meeting to exchange the guest list and review the location, speaker bio, introductory messaging, event flow, and other logistics.
  2. Secure meeting space (conference room, library, etc.,)  and confirm location and dates. Once finalized, please share the event details with your Paychex contact.
  3. Identify and selected a catering/local food-vendor for the event. Please be aware of food allergies and dietary restrictions when placing orders. Given that this is a 4 part series, you may be able to negotiate a package rate in advance. Please use a Paychex or SCORE client if possible,
  4. Promote the Lunch 'n' Learn series in your local community:
    • SCORE and Paychex have prepared customizable event invitations for each seminar (Simply enter location, time, contact phone, etc.) for use within your chapter's Constant Contact account (click "Download client invitation" above).
    • Prepare to send the event invitation to your email list starting six weeks prior to the event. Recommended invitaiton schedule: 6 weeks out, 4 weeks out, 2 weeks out, and the day prior.
    • Share the event registration link with community partners.
    • Share the event registration link with your Paychex representative who will send it to Paychex clients in your market.
    • Share the event via social media channels.
    • Share seminar details with local media.
    • Registration page: Create a landing page on your website as soon as possible in order for businesses owners to register. Share the landing page address (URL) with your Paychex partner.
      - Example of landing page text
      - Tutorial videos on how to set up your landing page
    • Final registration information should be shared with your Paychex partner three days prior to meeting. This can be sent to your Paychex rep via email.
    • One day before the event: Ensure you have a digital copy of the presentation, confirm who is providing the AV equipment (computers, screens etc.). Confirm the total number of handouts needed (SCORE and Paychex).
    • Day of the event:
      • Place welcome and directional signage (if applicable)  at event entrance. Please have a volunteer available to capture on-site registrations and to input the data into Constant Contact prior to sharing with Paychex
      • Print Sign-In Sheet.
      • Assign a SCORE volunteer to introduce the Paychex representative and HR professional, the speakers, and seminar.

Note: You may download the Paychex logo to help promote the partnership.