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Kashoo Online Accounting Software

Do you spend too many hours instructing your clients on how to use their accounting software? Do you wish your clients would start using a proper online accounting system for invoicing and expense tracking? If so, you’re going to love Kashoo!  

Join the Kashoo CPA Program today to take advantage of these great benefits:

  1. An intuitive, easy-to-use accounting app you can recommend to your clients. Includes shared access for accountants, multi-currency, project tracking, payments integration, and (coming soon) Paychex payroll integration.
  2. Preferred Pricing – Up to 40 percent discount for your clients.
  3. Setup Support – Free onboarding support for new clients and conversion support for those switching from other software.
  4. Ongoing Client Support – Daily client support for basic accounting and how-to questions via phone, chat, and email.