Rock & PayRoll

The stage is dark.

The employees — your fans — shiver in anticipation. Then, from the rafters, a single spotlight beams down and surrounds you as you make your final click, processing payroll for everyone. Jets of fire explode from the stage. Confetti rains from the ceiling.

The crowd roars.

Payroll Rocks

Are you Ready for the Encore?

You be the judge. The theme for this year's APA Annual Congress is Payroll Rocks the World. So, put on your shiniest black leather pants, gather your entourage, and visit Paychex at Booth 811 to demo Paychex Flex and take some outrageous photos to share with your fans.

Introducing, on Payroll ... YOU & Paychex Flex®

Even a payroll virtuoso needs a world-class instrument. We'll show you how the Paychex Flex HCM solution is built from the ground up to provide exactly what you need — today and tomorrow.

  • Accuracy — Access information in the cloud.
  • Scale — Administer a single source of real-time data across payroll, HR, retirement, and insurance.
  • Simplicity — Automate payroll tax calculations, filings, and deposits.
  • Insights — Analyze multi-track data by location, department, job, and project.

The Payroll Beat

Read the latest payroll articles from Paychex WORX and sharpen your skills.

I Want My FlexTV

Want to see Paychex Flex® in action? For a demo, visit us at Booth 811 during the 2017 APA Congress, call 855-433-8751, or fill out this form and decide for yourself whether a better payroll solution really can make a difference.