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Non-Harassment: Resources for Business Owners and Managers

Harassment is a serious matter that can affect not only the victim, but also the workplace environment. Get the latest information, tools, and guidance on this hot-button topic.

Harassment is a serious matter that can affect not only the victim, but also the workplace environment. Unfortunately, subtle forms of harassment might not always be recognizable, and often people don’t know how to handle it when it occurs. This resource page collects the latest information, tools, and guidance to help you create an environment where people feel respected, comfortable, and free from harassment or discrimination — in other words, a place where employees want to come to work.

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An employee takes sexual harassment prevention training from his laptop.

With sexual harassment in the workplace receiving national attention, several states mandate covered employers provide their employees with sexual harassment prevention training. As of the publication of this article, deadlines to complete the training are approaching in many of those states.

Guide about creating a safe work environment
White Paper
This guide to help you understand your responsibilities to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace so that you can promote a harassment-free workplace at your business.
A supervisor is harassing an employee while the employee tries to work.
The New York state Legislature passed an omnibus bill that amended the Human Rights Law, the General Obligations Law, and the Civil Practice Law. It will expand revisions to the state's sexual harassment laws and impact employers and employees.
Man conducting interactive training for employees on sexual harassment prevention
Delaware's sexual harassment prevention law requires businesses with four or more employees to address sexual harassment prevention through notification, while businesses with 50 or more employers have notification and interactive training requirements. The law also expands the definition of employee and the types of workers covered.
Rise of State Regulations - States Continue to Advance Employment-Related Regulations
With much in flux at the federal level, many state and local governments have begun proposing and drafting legislation on a handful of key initiatives that affect their communities. The following infographic examines six issues affecting employers that have taken a foothold or are gaining momentum at the state and local level.
Woman at workplace looking uncomfortable as man touches her shoulder
Several jurisdictions have recently passed legislation to expand employee protections, employer requirements, and available remedies for unlawful harassment in the workplace. Take a closer look at legislation that's passed in New York state, New York City, Delaware, and Washington state.

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