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Client Testimonials

Learn how businesses of all sizes use Paychex products and services to gain the freedom to succeed.

ASG - HR guidance for a growing business

See how Paychex helped Chicago’s Acceptance Solutions Group (ASG) grow from 30 to 180 employees with support from a dedicated HR professional and solutions that result in annual savings of more than a quarter of a million dollars.

ASG - Powering growth

When the CFO of Acceptance Solutions Group (ASG), Adam Diekelman, needs help with talent acquisition and development he calls on Halee, his company’s Paychex HR professional, for support.

TLF Graphics

Offering a 401(k) not only can help attract new employees in a competitive marketplace, but also help retain and bring more satisfaction to your current team.

Workplace Essentials

As a growing business, Workplace Essentials felt it needed to switch to a more robust system. Paychex offered them one complete solution.

ESET North America

Employees at ESET North America are fueling their dreams for retirement by taking advantage of a Paychex 401(k) plan. See how the company has nearly 90 percent plan participation.

Pet Partners

With offices in 27 states and over 2,000 employees, Pet Partners chose Paychex for easy-to-use solutions, allowing the company to stick to its mantra of letting employees concentrate on pets, not paperwork.

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