Small Business Jobs Index

The Small Business Jobs Index provides insight into the small business employment trends driving the U.S. economy. Using aggregated payroll data from businesses with fewer than 50 workers, the index offers a monthly, up-to-date measure of change in small business employment.


April Jobs Index


12-Month Change

3-Month National Trend

Historical View

National Highlights

  • The national index gave up its 2017 gains in April, and is now 0.27 percent below last year's employment growth level.
  • The Small Business Jobs Index in April lost all the momentum gained early in the year, declining 0.22 percent to 100.50.

Region, State & Metro

Regional Performance

Region Index Change
South 101.49 0.34%
West 100.37 -0.88%
Midwest 100.23 -0.04%
Northeast 99.99 -0.42%

Regional Highlights

  • All four regions slowed in April, with the Midwest falling the most, as job growth retrenched back to its 2016 pace.
  • At 101.49, the South continues to far outpace other regions and is the only region with an increase over a year ago.
  • Declining 0.38 percent in the past four months, the Northeast is below 100 for the first time since 2015.

State Performance

State Highlights

  • With its fourth consecutive increase in 2017, Florida was the only state with strong job gains in April, passing Georgia, and trailing only Tennessee.
  • North Carolina, Ohio, and Missouri suffered sharp drops in April.
  • North Carolina, which also lagged in the first quarter per BLS, is now below 100 for the first time since 2011, and is ahead of only New York and Illinois.

Metro Performance

Metro Highlights

  • Three southern cities, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami, all have index levels above 102 and lead job growth among metro areas by a large margin.
  • Florida metros Tampa and Miami led small business job gains in April, up 1.11 percent and 0.77 percent, respectively.
  • St. Louis has improved year over year, but continues to trend below the national baseline and, at 99.17 in April, exceeds only Houston.


Industry Performance

Industry Highlights

  • The decline in April was broadly based across sectors; Leisure and Hospitality declined the most, but still boasts the strongest 12-month growth rate and the second-highest ranked index among industries, at 101.31.
  • Ahead of only Manufacturing, Professional and Business services fell below 99, its weakest job growth level since 2010.