Custom Employee Handbook

A handbook can be the cornerstone of your employee relations program. Having one that is up-to-date and compliant is just plain smart—especially when you consider that the number of employment laws continues to grow at an exponential rate.

It's Made for Your Business

Paychex works with you to customize your employee handbook from our database of legally reviewed policies to meet your specific business needs—and give you more of the compliance confidence every business wants.

Help Reduce Potential Lawsuits

A relevant and easy-to-use employee handbook can be one of the best ways to limit your exposure in employment-related litigation.

Stay Current with Federal and State Regulations

In addition to your custom handbook, you'll receive our quarterly newsletter, HR Update, which will help keep you up to speed on employment-related legislation and its potential impact on your business.

Enjoy Compliance Confidence

A legally sound employee handbook reviewed for compliance with applicable state and federal employment regulations can give you more confidence when managing your employees.