Employee Handbooks

Help protect your company with an employee handbook containing legally reviewed policies

With the number of employment laws and regulations continuing to grow, as well as the potential penalties for non compliance, having an up-to-date employment handbook is just plain smart.

Paychex can help by offering you a robust, online, do-it yourself employee handbook – featuring pre-developed content, step-by-step instructions– along with legally reviewed policies to help you meet your specific business needs.

Create handbooks quickly and easily

The handbook builder features intuitive navigation and instruction every step of the way. Legally reviewed policies are at your fingertips, so you can deliver a current, comprehensive handbook to your employees with minimal time and effort.

Help mitigate the risk of potential lawsuits

A relevant and easy-to-use employee handbook can be one of the best ways to limit your exposure in employment-related litigation.

Stay in the know with handbook policy updates

You’ll receive timely updates to federal and state policies, helping you keep your employee handbook current all year long.

What you'll get with the do-it-yourself employee handbook

  • Easy-to-use online handbook builder
  • Policies written and updated in collaboration with one of the country’s leading employment law firms
  • Federal and state policies for all 50 states
  • Regular updates to federal and state policies
  • The ability to customize based on your company’s unique needs
  • Options to create online documents as Microsoft® Word or PDF files

A handbook custom-built by you, for your business needs

Self-guided, simple handbook builder

  • Compiled in collaboration with one of the country’s leading employment law firms
  • Helps guide you on which policies are recommended and which are optional based on where your employees are working and your employee count

Locations in multiple states? We have you covered

The handbook builder provides federal and state policies for all 50 states. Timely updates to federal and state policies are provided to address ever-changing employment laws and regulations.

Easy online distribution

Your handbook resides online, so you can download it as a .pdf or to a Word file, save it in a location of your choosing, and distribute as you wish — for example, via company intranet or email. No more printing expense or distributing outdated handbooks!

Your company, your policies

Custom policies can be added allowing you to tailor policies to truly fit your company. Our handbook is fully editable and customizable with the ability to include your company’s unique policies, philosophy, and culture.