Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

Your single source for payroll, human resource, and benefit administration; Paychex HR Solutions provides management solutions equal to those of the nation's largest businesses.

On-Site HR Partner

Your local human resources representative answers your questions, connects you with payroll and safety-and-loss specialists, and provides on-site employee training to help ensure that your requirements are met.

HR Administration and Compliance

Manage your human resource requirements with our Workers' Compensation Payment Service, handbooks, COBRA Administration, and other HR services.

401(k) and Employee Benefits

Establish and maintain 401(k) plans, health insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and other essential employee benefits.

Payroll Services

Simplify your payroll with Paychex HR Solutions. Our services make it easier to gather and submit employee information, process payroll, and generate timely reports.

Tax Services

Leave your tax calculations, deposits and filings to Paychex HR Solutions, and identify potential savings through federal and state tax credits.

Optional Services

In addition to the comprehensive payroll, human resource, and benefits administration of Paychex HR Solutions; we offer services that can help you attract and retain valued employees, and streamline your time and labor management.

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