Educational Materials

Paychex has proudly earned marks of excellence by providing companies with best practices, expertise, and personal attention for over 40 years. Please explore our many educational resources for businesses. We have listed a few on this site, and you can visit Paychex WORX for even more topics geared towards aspiring business owners.

Regulatory Updates

Top 10 Regulatory Issues for Small Businesses in 2017

Published December 21, 2016. With the transistion to a new administration taking place, a number of key regulations made by the federal government may affect employers in 2017. Among the top 10 regulatory issues, identified by Paychex, that will impact small businesses this year include tax reform, the Affordable Care Act, wage/hour compliance, retirement, and cybersecurity. Learn more.

Worker Misclassification

According to the US DOL, the misclassification of employees as independent contractors presents one of the most serious problems facing affected workers, employers, and the entire economy.  In the Administrator's Interpretation, the DOL concludes that most workers are employees under the federal wage and hour law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Learn more.


8 Common Mistakes of Employee Handbooks

Some businesses regard employee handbooks as a “necessary evil,” but in fact they are much more than that. An employee handbook that’s free of the most common mistakes may serve as important documentation in the event of an employment-related lawsuit. Here’s a closer look at which mistakes to avoid. Read article.

End-of-Year Payroll Checklist

When the end of the year approaches, it's important to make sure that your payroll information is up to date. From end-of-year reporting and taxation to preparation for the year ahead, there are numerous steps that can help keep your information organized and accurate. Take a peek at this high-level checklist that owners and payroll managers, alike, can use. Read article.

The Competitive Advantages of a PEO

Entrepreneurs and business owners know how rapidly their days get swallowed up in necessary, by hugely time-intensive tasks. By establishing a co-employer relationship with a company's staff, the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) assumes responsibility for specific employer rights, responsibilities and risks, and can help expand employee benefit options. Learn about the many competitive advantages PEOs have to offer the small business. Read article.

Small Business Marketing 101

To successfully grow your business, attracting and then working to retain a large base of satisfied customers is key. Consider these marketing strategy pointers to grow and maintain your customer base, and help solidify your brand in the marketplace. Read article.

Blue Papers

Payroll Outsourcing: A Simple Way to Enjoy More Freedom

When done in-house, payroll processing can be a time consuming activity for small businesses, and mistakes could potentially lead to costly fines and penalties. Learn how to view payroll outsourcing strategically, and how outsourcing can give you the gift of freedom. Download blue paper.

Essential Guide for Buisiness Owners and Managers

As an owner or manager of a small business, you may be responsible for functions you lack expertise in — things like payroll, taxes, HR, and employee benefits, all of which can be extremely complex and can lead to government fines as well as litigation if not managed properly. This guide provides helpful insights on these topics and more. Download blue paper.

Protect Small Business Data with the Security of Cloud-Based Accounting

The security of a cloud-based accounting system is quickly becoming one of the top priorities among accounting firms and other small businesses across the U.S. This comes with the recognition that serious cyber theft and data breaches no longer strike large corporations alone. Businesses of every size are vulnerable to these attacks, particularly those that fail to take adequate security measures. Now is the time to investigate your cloud storage and protection options. Download blue paper.

Potential Benefits of a Multigenerational Workforce

By embracing generational differences, companies can shape workforces that are driven, dedicated, and diverse. A multigenerational workforce can boost the bottom line, revitalize old processes, benefit customers, and strengthen company cultures. Download blue paper.

Other Resources

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Business owners often may not understand when to classify an individual as an employee versus an independent contractor. Proper classification of a worker as an independent contractor may save a company money and benefits, such as group health and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as social security and unemployment insurance taxes. Learn more.

The Paychex | IHS Small Business Jobs Index

With small businesses representing nearly 95 percent of all U.S. employers, the Index serves as an indicator of the overall economy, providing a monthly, up-to-date measure of change in small business employment. Visit the site to see the latest IHS Small Business Jobs Index.