SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship—something it has been proudly doing for nearly fifty years.

Since 1964, SCORE volunteers have provided mentoring and training support to more than 9 million entrepreneurs and small business owners. SCORE is able to deliver services at no charge or at very low cost because its work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and is made up of a network of more than 13,000 volunteers in 348 chapters.

SCORE is America's premier source of free and confidential small business mentoring and advice service. More than half a million entrepreneurs count on SCORE each year for help with fulfilling their dream of starting a small business, as well as helping existing enterprises grow and become more successful. SCORE's goal is to grow one million successful small businesses by 2017.

  • 40% of the businesses they serve annually are new business formations.
  • 60% are established businesses with 2-5 employees.

Paychex has also been a national sponsor of SCORE for three years, helping to guide business owners through the changing landscape of human resource management. The partnership with SCORE provides Paychex the unique opportunity to align itself with an organization with a similar mission: to grow successful small businesses across America.

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