As a Paychex representative, your main goal is connecting prospects and clients with products and services that will save them time from payroll and administrative tasks. New business owners often discover that running a business takes more than just selling a product or offering a service. There are a lot of paperwork, administrative, and legal aspects to running a business, many of which they know little to nothing about. That's where Paychex comes in.

As a recognized leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry, we have a steadfast commitment to the success of the businesses we serve. Paychex assists businesses with services ranging from payroll to human resources, ensuring that they are compliant and avoid hefty fines. Our clients can rest assured that their tax and other business obligations are taken care of correctly and in a timely manner.

While Paychex can take care of payroll, human resources, retirement plans, and other administrative functions, sometimes newer businesses need help beyond the scope of these services. New business owners need advice from someone who has been in their shoes. This is where SCORE comes in, with its over 13,000 volunteers in 348 chapters across the country. As current and former business owners, these mentors deliver free, confidential, and valuable advice to new businesses. 

Paychex clients in need of mentoring can use the chapter locator to find a SCORE office and request a free face-to-face mentoring meeting. Or, visit to help connect your clients with mentors in their area. Make sure to ask your clients to mention Paychex as their referral. 

Also, encourage your clients to attend any co-branded SCORE/Paychex seminars in their area. Find out more about holding seminars in your territory.