Getting Started: Your First Meeting with SCORE & Best Practices

  1. Contact your local SCORE chapter. Find chapter contact information. Make sure that the SCORE chapter chair and your district director are in the first meeting. We also recommend having the branch manager and the district sales managers for both payroll and HR solutions attend the first meeting since the goal is to help each other’s clients.
  2. Set up an initial meeting to introduce yourself and your branch's capabilities to your SCORE partner. In the meeting, discuss the following:
    1. How you will work together.
    2. What workshops Paychex can provide SCORE clients.
    3. Workshop calendars and special events that SCORE clients could attend (bring a list).
    4. How you'll help SCORE identify Paychex client candidates who need mentoring from SCORE.
    5. How SCORE will help identify SCORE clients that need payroll or human resources services.
  3. Items to bring:
    1. Innovative Solutions brochure
    2. Color copies of the Wheel of Services
    3. Start-Up brochure
    4. 2013 Annual Report Highlights
    5. Business cards
  4. Topics to cover and information to exchange:
    1. How you can help promote SCORE services to current clients and prospects.
    2. The current SCORE seminar schedule for that area.
    3. Seminars that Paychex can put on for SCORE clients.
    4. How to work together to conduct and promote local seminars to each other's client base.
  5. Offer to conduct an introductory presentation at the local SCORE chapter for the volunteers.
  6. Continue to reach out to your SCORE partner on a monthly basis. Let them know about any new workshops or events. 

Tips for Success

As a Paychex rep, following a few guidelines will help you leverage the SCORE/Paychex relationship for the benefit of your clients, SCORE, and Paychex. We encourage you to work closely with your local SCORE chapter and volunteers, while keeping in mind the needs of your respective territory and Paychex branch. Building a strong relationship on the local level will make successful referrals more likely for both organizations.

Remember, both Paychex and SCORE have the same mission, and that is to help small businesses grow. Our services are complementary and additive—they do not compete. Plus, referring your clients to SCORE services will help them grow, and likely increase their chances to stay in business and be successful.

Ultimately, building a referral relationship with your local SCORE volunteers will help you find more Paychex clients, and promote the overall mission of helping new businesses succeed.