What you need to know for quarter-end & year-end

Are you ready for quarter- or year-end? Paychex is here to help! Here you'll find the information you'll need to help you avoid many of the common pitfalls employers experience this time of year.

Preparation Instructions

Paychex makes it easy for you to avoid small errors and big problems with a straightforward checklist and quarter end/year end (QE/YE) reminders.

QE/YE Reminders - 2018 Quarter-End Reference Guide (PDF)

Federal Updates - Federal Information (PDF)

State Updates - All State Information (PDF)

PEO Employer Quarter-End Reference Guide

Tax Package Instructions

We know there are some returns you may need to file. If you do not use our Taxpay® payroll tax service, or if there are some agencies who won't allow Paychex to remit returns on your behalf, the tax returns you must file are in your tax package behind the cover sheet labeled Original Returns.

It's important to review the included returns to ensure accuracy and to avoid costly penalties related to incorrect state unemployment rates (SUI) or an incorrect filing frequency/deposit schedules.

Complete Tax Package Instructions (PDF)

General Information (PDF)

  • Taxpay Client Information
  • Identification Numbers
  • Employer Reference Copies of Returns

Federal Information (PDF)

  • Updates on any federal tax changes
  • Federal Filing Information
  • FUTA Payments
  • FLSA Reminder

State Information (PDF)

  • SUI Facsimiles
  • All State Information
  • State Updates

Important Dates

Being aware of critical dates will help you plan for quarter-end/year-end (QE/YE). This section includes QE/YE return dates, estimated package delivery dates, Paychex banking/holiday closings, and more, to help give you and your business a proactive advantage when navigating QE/YE.

Check out the 2018 Check Date Processing for Federal/Banking Holidays (PDF) document to see how this may affect payroll processing.


29 Third quarter processing for reports and returns (September 30 is a Saturday).


9 Columbus Day - banks are closed. All Paychex offices are open.

20 Outstanding Tax Liability debited/credited to Taxpay client bank accounts.


11 Veteran's Day falls on a Saturday, so it is not observed by banks. Paychex local offices are closed as normal on Saturday.

23 Thanksgiving Day - banks and local Paychex offices are closed.

2 Preparation Instructions for Year-End posted online.


6 Tax Package Instruction for Year-End posted online.

25 Christmas Day - banks and local Paychex offices are closed.


1 New Year's Day - banks and local Paychex offices are closed.

15 Martin Luther King Day - banks are closed. All Paychex offices are open.

19 Outstanding Tax Liability debited/credited to Taxpay client bank accounts.

Communication & Additional Resources

Staying on top of useful communications and other resources can help you keep up with changes and make quarter-end or year-end (QE/YE) easier. Maybe you missed one of the monthly communications we sent out for year-end starting in October, or it's lost in your email jungle? Never fear — we have them for you right here!


You'll need these resources to help you prepare for tax filing and other QE/YE tasks:

Year-End Checklist (PDF)

Federal Information

State Information

Planning Your Payroll Processing

Part of every year-end is looking ahead to next year's payroll processing schedule. Doing so will help you identify and overcome potential problems while making it easier to stick to deadlines. And, if you're well-prepared and not pushing tasks to the last minute, you'll be better prepared to triage the issues that do arise. Here are some handy tools to help you scope out your entire year.

2018 Tax Bulletin (PDF) — 2018 Employer FICA and FUTA limits, Retirement Plan Limits, Health Savings Account limits, and tax information for employees.

2018 Payroll Calendar (PDF) — Gives you a picture of the whole year, including banking holidays, holidays where Paychex and banks are closed, and probable Paychex quarter-end deadlines.

Check Date Processing for Federal/Banking Holidays (PDF) — Lists each federal/banking holiday and how it may affect your check dates.