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Season 4 | Episode 1
Trish McFarlane, CEO and Principal Advisor of H3 HR Advisors
Human Resources Podcasts 13:57 min listen

Live From HR Tech: Trish McFarlane on Overcoming HR Challenges

We’re coming to you Live from HR Tech to kick off season four of Paychex PULSE, an HR podcast. Listen in as our very own Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Product Management, Tom Hammond, talks with Trish McFarlane, CEO and Principal Advisor of H3 HR Advisors, about the top challenges that HR leaders are facing today, and how to overcome them.

Topics include:

00:19 – In introduction to Season 4
01:24 – Hiring and retaining employees
02:31 – The desk-less workforce
05:26 – Operational efficiency
06:04 – Paychex Precheck
07:22 – Productivity
08:46 – Paychex Voice Assist
10:45 – The complexity of running a business

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