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Students and New Graduates at Paychex

Students and new graduates are instrumental in growing our business; we love the agility, eagerness to learn, and fresh new ideas they bring to our teams.

Exciting opportunities await — start your career with Paychex, today.

Interviewing at Paychex

So, you finally secured that interview – what’s next?

  • Know Your Audience — do your research to get to know more about the person or people interviewing you.
  • Get to Know Paychex — Spend time learning everything you can about our company and our culture. Comb through our website, news releases and social media channels to learn more about our employees and what we do.
  • Practice — Explore commonly asked interview questions in advance and write down any relevant accomplishments or follow-up questions so you won’t be thrown off your “A” game mid-interview.
  • Be Yourself — Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds. It’s our diversity that makes us #paychexproud.
  • Relax — Easy for us to say, right? Take a deep breath. We are excited to meet you!
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Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Our interview process at Paychex is three-fold. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Meet Our Recruiter

If your resume seems to be a good fit for the position, you’ll receive a call from one of our recruiters, so we can get to know a little more about the person behind the resume.

2. Meet Your Manager

Next, the recruiter will schedule some time for you to meet with your potential manager for your first formal interview.

3. Meet Your Team

If the manager agrees you are a good fit for the role, they’ll schedule time for you to interview with another leader on the team, or to participate in a realistic job preview, before making a hiring decision.

Opportunities at Paychex

Explore internship opportunities across various Paychex departments and locations.