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California businesses that retained staff during the wildfires of 2017 could be entitled to a credit as much as $2,400 per employee. This article offers details on how businesses can qualify, and the process for claiming the credit.
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If passing tax reform seemed like a long, difficult process, implementing it is much more so. In a recent APA session, David Kautter, acting commissioner of the IRS and assistant secretary (Tax Policy) for the U.S. Treasury, explained in-depth how the IRS is implementing tax reform.
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Entrepreneurs may be unsure what to prioritize when it comes to legal areas that pertain to their new business. Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation identifies four key areas to tackle when starting a new business venture.
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There may be hope still for an underperforming employee. These management tactics could help turn around behavior or performance.
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Setting up a retirement plan for your company is a great benefit to offer your employees. But not every provider offers the same plan features, administrative help, or level of service. Here are four important questions to ask when considering plan providers.
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Scott Lekan, Commissioner of the Office of Child Support Enforcement, spoke to the 2018 American Payroll Association Congress about the vital role of payroll professionals and providers in helping millions of children and families in the U.S. stay financially healthy.
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Successful employee recruiting, evaluating, and retention takes strategy. In this 5-minute blue cast, you'll see how you can help position your company as an employer of choice with job seekers as well as your current employees.
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Employers must provide certain employee benefits as mandated by state, federal, or local statute. This article outlines what benefits employers are legally required to provide.