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Compliance | Article
With the release in March 2019 of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to revise the federal overtime regulations, Paychex analyzed data to show the potential impact on businesses with 1 to 49 employees.
Pregnant woman takes a break from her computer at office.
Compliance | Article
The state of Washington has begun administering a Paid Family and Medical Leave program, leaving employers with new requirements, as well as potential questions about how to remain compliant.
Employee Benefits | Article
It's easy to forget about retirement as you're running a business, but as an owner, don't neglect investing in your future self. Look at four ways you may be leaving money on the table instead of investing it into a retirement plan.
The cover of the report, "Future of Work"
Human Resources | White Paper
This downloadable report looks at how advances in technology, generational shifts, and worker preferences are disrupting the workplace of today and shaping the workplace of tomorrow.
Cooks work in a kitchen
Compliance | Article
More than 20 states will increase their minimum wage in 2019, and businesses will be subject to new payroll taxes and additional reporting requirements. There are ways to prepare for the increases, as well as protect your business from any potential cash flow issues.
Human Resources | Article
While there's no debate that great firms make training and job skills a priority, there's still the question on how to provide training effectively and affordably. Gene Marks explores how you can do this.
Two women preparing to submit pay data required by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Compliance | Article
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission chose a deadline based on a decision from a federal district court that will require employers to submit two year's worth of employee pay data, known as Component-2, on their EEO-1 by Sept. 30, 2019.
Payroll | Article
The proposed overtime rule, if enacted, could mean big changes for employers before the end of the year. Barbara Weltman outlines where the rule stands now and where it could be headed.
Man conducting interactive training for employees on sexual harassment prevention
Compliance | Article
Delaware's sexual harassment prevention law requires businesses with four or more employees to address sexual harassment prevention through notification, while businesses with 50 or more employers have notification and interactive training requirements. The law also expands the definition of employee and the types of workers covered.