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Compliance | Article
Michigan passed the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act, and all covered employers will be required in March 2019 by statewide mandate to provide paid medical leave to eligible employees for covered absences.
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Join Meghan M. Biro of TalentCulture for a look at how to tackle the top trends in HR this year, and build them into your own HR strategy — it’s easier than you may think.
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Discover what cloud accounting systems are and how they can help you in managing your business's financial data.
Compliance | Webinar
Sexual harassment can occur in any industry, in any business. In this webinar, we’ll help you understand the updated sexual harassment regulations and your responsibilities to your employees.
Compliance | Article
The NYC Human Rights Law requires, effective Oct. 15. 2018, covered entities engage in cooperative dialogue with individuals who have a disability and may require an accommodation.
Payroll | Article
New year, new payroll trends. What should employers expect in this area of the business in 2019? HR technologist Mollie Lombardi identifies three major themes.
Employee Benefits | Article
Illinois Secure Choice becomes latest state-sponsored retirement plan to be implemented in the United States. The program encountered challenges, including a veto from the governor, prior to its launch, but the pilot program is underway to provide employees with retirement savings plan options.
Human Resources | Article
Emotional intelligence ranks among the attributes employers covet most in their workers. But how many professionals actually possess it, and how might businesses find them? Take a look at results from our survey of 1,000+ employees to learn what emotionally intelligent workers have in common, and whether people overestimate their own aptitudes in this area.
Human Resources | Article
We take a look at OSHA's top violations of 2018. Even if these don't apply to your business, here's why it's important that you take notice of safety in your workplace.