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Corporate Responsibility

Ever since our founding more than 50 years ago, we’ve been focused on doing business the right way for our clients, our employees, our owners, our community and, in recent years, our planet.

As proud as we are of our efforts to hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, and accountability, working for a better world is a business imperative that always brings opportunities to improve.

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Martin Mucci

Just as we’ve expanded and evolved our product offerings since 1971 to align with the changing needs of our clients, our success for the next 50 years and beyond demands that we do the same for everything that impacts – and is impacted by – our business: the strength of the communities where we live and work, the well-being and inclusion of our employees, and the sustainability of our planet.

In this year’s ESG Report and in the accompanying information on our corporate website,
you’ll learn how we’re moving the needle in several key areas of focus: ethics, governance, privacy and security, DEI, employees, environment, community, empowering businesses, and occupational safety.

As we work to be the very best version of our company, we hope you’ll join us on our journey toward a better world.

Thank you,

Martin Mucci
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Paychex, Inc.


Paychex FY22 ESG report cover image

FY22 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

FY22 GRI and SASB Indices

Paychex Values

Our employees have made Paychex successful for 50 years. Our clients fuel our purpose. Our shareholders believe in our future. Our communities nurture us.

We conduct our business with integrity, knowing our clients trust us with their most sensitive employee information.

We are accountable for our impact on the planet, and in doing our part to ensure environmental stewardship.

We drive innovation in our products and services that respond to our clients’ evolving needs while delivering value to our investors.

We work in partnership with each other to create outstanding products and a positive culture, with our clients to deliver a strong service experience, and with our communities to support the greater good through hands-on = volunteering and philanthropy.

We treat our employees with respect by listening to their feedback, creating a culture of inclusion and diversity, providing opportunities for continued development, and offering world-class benefits that address all the dimensions of well-being.

We provide outstanding service, building trusted relationships through ongoing dialogue with our clients, partners, and fellow employees and providing the foundation for continued success.

Champions in Action

Nearly 10% of our employees—representing every Paychex location around the world—serve as volunteer culture champions, living the Paychex values by example and keeping them top-of-mind for their co-workers.

culture champions in the office

Annual CDP Reporting

As a mission-based non-profit that runs the global environmental disclosure system, CDP greatly values the support of Paychex, Inc.. Urgent system-wide action remains critical to ensuring that we can limit global warming to 1.5°C, avoid the worst effects of climate change and safeguard our planet’s natural resources. Disclosure is the first key step in addressing current and future environmental risks. Paychex, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to transparency around its environmental impacts and strategies for action by disclosing its environmental data through CDP in 2022. Disclosure not only provides the foundation for environmental action, but brings tangible business benefits for shareholders, customers and employees alike.”

- Dexter Galvin, CDP Global Director, Corporations & Supply Chains, 2022  

CDP Support Award 2022

Forbes Best Employers Diversity

Paychex ranked #350 on Forbes 2022 list of America's Best Employers for Diversity. To determine the ranking, Forbes partnered with Statista and surveyed 60,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 1,000 employees to pinpoint the companies they identified as most dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Previous Corporate Responsibility Reports

At Paychex, putting good to work reflects our approach to corporate responsibility. It’s empowering our Employees through well-being, inclusion, and diversity. It’s giving back and making a positive impact in our Communities. It’s serving as a good steward of the Environment. It’s a commitment to Ethics and doing business the right way for ourselves and our clients. It’s about everything we do to Be Paychex.

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