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Paychex Flex for all in one payroll and hr solutions

Midsize to Enterprise Payroll Services and Software

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Our Paychex Flex® technology and 24/7 service platform grows with the needs of your organization, gives you the tools to help you make informed decisions, and helps you stay up-to-date with the latest tax rates and regulations.

We can automate HR and payroll solutions for your business with 20+ employees to help improve efficiency and meet your business’s specific needs.

What You Get With Paychex Midsize to Enterprise Payroll Solutions

Our payroll solution goes beyond paying employees. Paychex Flex’s comprehensive solutions and expert service can help you engage employees, increase efficiency, and grow your business.

  • Online payroll processing
  • Direct deposit, paycards2, paper checks, and other payroll options
  • Ability to pay workers on different bases — exempt and non-exempt employees, contractors
  • Automatic payroll tax administration
  • Benefits administration
  • HR administration support
  • Self-service through a mobile app for you and your employees
  • New-hire reporting to government agencies
  • Labor poster kit
  • Garnishment payments

How Paychex Midsize to Enterprise Solutions Work

Perform critical payroll and HR tasks effortlessly all in one integrated platform — Paychex Flex. Not only can you simplify enterprise employee payroll, onboarding, labor forecasting, and other areas of the employee lifecycle, but you can also save time, money, and resources by having the HR enterprise solutions you need all in one place.

Minimize Payroll Discrepancies To Help Improve Accuracy

Allow your employees to review their scheduled pay and notify you of any potential issues before payday. Paychex Pre-Check brings together comprehensive payroll, time management, and employee self-service technology to help you manage HR. Named Top HR Product of the Year by HR Executive Magazine, Paychex Pre-Check can help you save time, reduce costly payroll discrepancies, minimize payroll errors, and improve employee retention and satisfaction.

Paychex Pre-Check award-winning feature to prevent payroll errors
Paychex Pre-Check

More Payroll Packages To Meet Your Needs

Paychex Flex® Select

Get payroll and HR support for businesses of every size.

  • Submit payroll online to our enterprise payroll center
  • Flexible pay options
  • Payroll tax filing
  • Online learning management system
  • U.S. -based support 24/7

Paychex Flex® Pro

Make payroll and HR easier to manage by connecting them in Paychex Flex.

  • Full-service payroll & taxes online or over the phone
  • Candidate screening
  • Employee onboarding
  • Ability to work with a payroll specialist
  • Expert support

Paychex Flex® Enterprise

The complete large business payroll and HR solution seeking a full-service payroll and HR partner.

  • Train employees online
  • Create custom analytics
  • Get help with workers’ compensation and state unemployment insurance
  • Receive onboarding essentials and handbooks
  • Expert support

Sub Shop Franchisee Simplifies Routine and Gets on a Roll with Payroll

Deciding to process his franchise’s payroll to save money resulted in Tommy Stuckey spending too many hours not focusing on his business. When he turned payroll over to Paychex, it built trust and inspired confidence.

Sub shop franchise owner Tommy Stuckey discusses how payroll challenges led him to choose a provider such as Paychex.
Sub shop franchisee Tommy Stuckey

"The daily time that I don’t spend on (payroll) … it really changes my daily routine. It allows me to make phone calls, answer emails, talk with general contractors and talk with my franchise (personnel). Having the ability to do that streamlines both processes.”

Tommy Stuckey
Sub shop franchises

Integrations Made Simple

Paychex integrations help connect and share data between our all-in-one HR enterprise solution — Paychex Flex — and dozens of popular HR, productivity, and financial tools.

See All Integrations

Integration with Xero
Quickbooks integration
Integration with Indeed
Integration with CareerPlug
Integration with Altametrics
Integration with Triplog
Integration with Jirav
Integration with CalSavers

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