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Payroll & HR Software Solutions for Large Companies 

As one of America’s biggest providers of HR and payroll large business solutions for businesses with 50 to 1,000+ employees, our powerful combination of technology and HR expertise can help you automate essential business functions, and manage HR and payroll more efficiently.

Scalable All-in-One HR and Payroll Software for Large Businesses

Our HR and payroll software for large companies provides comprehensive, enterprise-grade technology and service scaled to specific organizations, including:

Why Choose Paychex HR and Payroll Services?

  • Industry innovator since 1971
  • 650+ HR professionals working across the country
  • 15,000 employees dedicated to customer needs
  • 1.7 million worksite employees supported as one of America’s largest HR companies
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Client Provides How-To with Onboarding in Paychex Flex® 

With a workforce spread across 11 states, Santiago Jara needed a more effective way to onboard new employees at MOL Logistics. Paychex Flex provides the HR manager with the right tools, and Jara shares his favorite efficiency hacks on the platform to demonstrate how easy he can now track this time-consuming administrative task.

A new employee works on his phone to onboard himself.
MOL Logistics (Onboarding)

"My biggest business challenge as far as onboarding goes is the fact that I have 11 different offices. So, when it comes time for me to actually onboard a new hire ... it's as simple as letting them know Paychex is our vendor and right away there is a credibility factor with that candidate."

Santiago Jara
HR Manager
MOL Logistics

"I use Paychex services currently for Payroll, Time & Attendance, Tax Pay Service, COBRA Service, and looking to add Benefits Admin System. I have previously used other service providers. I enjoy Paychex Flex platform and the services received and would recommend them over all of the previous providers I have used (both for system and service quality)."

Santiago Jara
Human Resources Manager
MOL Logistics (USA) Inc

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

Take our quiz to get customized large business solutions and advice to meet your company's needs today. Learn how Paychex large business solutions can help you automate essential functions and manage HR and payroll more efficiently.

Large Business Solutions FAQ

  • Why Do Large Companies Outsource Payroll?

    Why Do Large Companies Outsource Payroll?

    Companies choose large business HR services and payroll from a third party because they can result in cost savings, time and resources saved, and help the business meet certain compliance standards. Payroll systems for large companies can help in-house payroll teams or small HR departments with essential payroll and HR tasks, and focus instead on more strategic aspects of the business. Choose Paychex, one of the leading payroll companies for large businesses, to help your teams get more time back in their day and refocus their efforts.

  • Why Do Large Companies Outsource HR Administration?

    Why Do Large Companies Outsource HR Administration?

    HR plays a critical role in helping businesses achieve strategic growth, revenue, and other business strategies, such as hiring productive teams and finding ways to engage employees for maximum productivity. At the same time, HR departments have more on their plates than ever before. Large businesses need to map workloads and determine what tasks are of the highest strategic importance and then bring in outsourced HR help where it can be most effective. For example, determining or evaluating your benefits mix and offerings may be an internal strategic decision, but HR software for large companies can help manage the day-to-day HR administration to free up your HR team to focus on other things.

  • What Areas of HR Can Be Outsourced?

    What Areas of HR Can Be Outsourced?

    Areas of HR that can be outsourced include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Recruiting and hiring 
    • Administrative functions such as benefits and payroll business solutions
    • HR administration functions such as developing a customized employee handbook, personalized HR advice and enterprise risk management and compliance guidance, and employee relations matters
    • Employee development and performance management
    • Company culture-shaping
  • What Should I Look for in a Payroll and HR Administrator?

    What Should I Look for in a Payroll and HR Administrator?

    If you're looking for HR and payroll services for large businesses that can meet your company's needs, be on the lookout for some key features as you search:

    • Professional support: Highly trained HR professionals can get to know your business, share their specialized knowledge, and assist at various levels of service.
    • Robust analytics: Payroll and HR data collection and reporting helps provide the information necessary to make data-driven business decisions — whether a business unit manager needs the latest information on time and attendance to streamline their scheduling process or an HR manager needs to run a payroll audit to address a problem.
    • Advanced technology: A top-tier provider should offer integrated payroll and large business HR solutions, complete website functionality, and a proven track record of incorporating technological advancements to make their services even better.
    • Reliability and security: Find an administrator that's well-known in the industry with a long history of supporting clients in your sector. A third-party provider should clearly explain its data security practices, have a reliable server with a high uptime rate, and regularly update applications to meet the latest protocols.
    • Flexibility: Scalable large business solutions can adjust as business needs grow or change. Some third-party providers offer flexible tools within an HR system where you can add or remove modules to support business use cases.
    • Centralized data administration: A single, centrally located online HR management system makes it easier to share data and communications, with the ability to generate and maintain reports, including total compensation summaries, census reporting, and more.
    • Compliance support: Proactive monitoring of employment laws and regulations help you stay aware of changes that could affect your business, whether you want to minimize your risk of penalties or are looking to automate HR compliance tasks.
  • What Time and Attendance Solutions Work Best for Large Companies?

    What Time and Attendance Solutions Work Best for Large Companies?

    Paychex Flex Time, fully integrated with our all-in-one platform Paychex Flex, works to help large businesses save time, prevent errors, control costs, and meet their wage and hour requirements. Best of all, if you have employees in multiple worksites or in remote locations, Paychex Flex Time can connect staff with the information they need across devices, locations, and services.

  • How Can I Scale My Recruitment and Onboarding Efforts at an Enterprise?

    How Can I Scale My Recruitment and Onboarding Efforts at an Enterprise?

    To stay competitive in a tightening labor market, larger organizations may want to scale by adopting HR technology to help facilitate the recruiting and onboarding process (posting jobs online, offering an online application process, letting employees fill out all that new-hire paperwork at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home, etc.). In fact, more than 80% of respondents in the 2021 Paychex Pulse of HR Survey said their HR system helps them attract talent. Look for an integrated HR system that can make these processes simple for candidates, new hires, and administrators across the board.

  • How Do You Offer and Manage Benefits Packages for Large Businesses?

    How Do You Offer and Manage Benefits Packages for Large Businesses?

    Offering large business employee benefits is often a balancing act between satisfying employees' needs and staying within budget constraints. If you’re thinking about changing or adding to an existing large business employee benefits plan (large business health insurance plans, 401(k) accounts, health savings accounts, etc.) it might be a good idea to first conduct a benefits audit to review where things stand (usage rates, benefits costs, making sure proper withholding practices are being followed, etc.). An audit can also pay off in the long run and help your business stay competitive in today's tight job market. A third-party benefits provider can take care of many of the day-to-day administrative tasks and ongoing benefits management to help your teams stay focused on more strategic initiatives.

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