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manufacturing workers looking at a Paychex Flex for HR

HR and Payroll for Manufacturing Companies

Time is money. Streamline your processes with our HR and payroll technology for manufacturing to help you manage workforce attrition, worker safety, employee benefits, and labor management all in one simple platform.


Featured Services for Manufacturing Companies

Workers’ Compensation

Protect Your Business and Your Employees

We’ll help assess your specific needs to find the workers’ comp coverage that’s just right for your manufacturing business.

woman working on laptop
Easy, Accurate Workers' Comp Coverage
Employee Benefits

Stay Competitive to Prevent Turnover

Overcome the challenge of finding and keeping the right workers by offering comprehensive employee benefits packages, such as health, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) plans and more.

paychex benefits video cover
Paychex Flex® Benefits Administration Overview

Attract, Hire, and Retain Top Talent

Transitioning to more technology-driven processes shouldn’t be difficult. We keep it simple so you can find, hire, and pay your employees in one platform.

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Simplify Compliance

Receive proactive HR advice from dedicated HR professionals — we’ll assess your HR needs, customize an action plan that can help you maintain your compliance with employment laws, industry regulations, and safety standards, and help with implementation.

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Navigate Compliance with Confidence
Time Tracking

Flexible Time Clock Software to Fit Your Needs

Time and attendance systems can help you to handle complex shift patterns and integrate them with production schedules. Whether you need new software or your existing time-tracking solution to integrate with your payroll software, we can help.


Integrating Payroll & HR Software in the Manufacturing Industry

Some industries have been slow to transition to more technology-driven processes. Paychex Flex® makes it simple to streamline your payroll and HR procedures by combining your HR and payroll administrative tasks into a single platform, freeing up time to increase productivity.

Paychex Flex mobile app for employers and employees
Manage HR, Payroll, Benefits and More

Attract and Retain Qualified Workers

Overcome the struggle to find and keep skilled employees. Our Paychex Flex platform can help automate recruiting, onboarding, performance, learning, compensation, and career pathing workflows, saving time and retaining and promoting your employees.

A new employee adding required documents
Attracting Talent with Paychex Flex

Vienna Beef Stays Linked with an Integrated HR Solution

We help manufacturing companies of all sizes with their payroll and HR administrative needs.

Vienna Beef had a lot of moving parts when they changed locations - new policies, new training, more compliance requirements - so they turned to Paychex for an all-in-one HR solution to ease the transition.

The HR VP of Vienna Beef speaks about the help Paychex provides to the business.
Vienna Beef (HR, Compliance, Engagement)

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