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Banking and Credit Union Partnerships

Committed to Your Success

We're here to help you, your bankers, and your customers identify and understand best practices and new business trends, so they can more easily manage all aspects of their business.

Nacha™ Certified  

Paychex was the first payroll provider to become Nacha Certified in 2018 when the program was implemented, and once again earned its renewal in 2022.

Nacha Certified

Program Benefits for Banks 

Here’s what your institution can expect when working with Paychex.

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Valuable Fee Income

Valuable fee income earned simply by referring business owners.

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Valued Business Product Expansion

We allow banks to expand their business products to help them compete in their markets.


Industry-Leading Payroll and HR Solutions

Payroll and HR solutions from a leading national brand with an emphasis on simplifying compliance with changing laws and regulations.

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Revenue Opportunities

We can create revenue opportunities through simple conversations, by conducting a client needs analysis and providing referrals to the bank.

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Time and Money Savings

Use payroll solutions that adapt with the needs of the bank’s business owners, reduce complications during a changeover, and create stability that can help improve retention.

"Paychex believes in our brand and is aligned to our Ameris values to deliver a great customer experience. They strongly believe that reciprocity results in a strong relationship and the Paychex sales representatives provide banking opportunities and introduce us to their centers of influence."

Debbie D.
Product Manager
Ameris Bank

Program Benefits for Bankers 

A Simple-to-Implement Referral Program

Identify your prospects and a local Paychex representative closes the sale.

Business Referrals

New business referrals come to you from Paychex.

Relationships that Grow with your Business

Work with CPAs, a broader business owner base through referrals, and the Paychex team.

Become a Paychex Banking Partner 

Join over 250 banks and credit unions nationwide that count on us.