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A laptop showing Paychex Flex's HR analytics

HR Analytics and Reporting

Get the payroll, HR, and benefits insights you need to help make data-driven decisions with the robust workforce analytics capabilities within Paychex Flex®.

  • Get the people insights you need to help strategize with confidence
  • Access more than 160 standard reports
  • Explore trends with multiple date and filter options
  • Create customizable reports and dashboards to monitor key performance indicators and metrics

Empower Your HR with Analytics

Compensation Summary

View compensation details for your positions and compare them against 750 million market data points to stay competitive in your hiring market. (Coming Later this Year!)


Move toward a more equitable and diverse workplace with a blend of employment data, pay data, and employee information. Track pay equity and close wage gaps attributed to gender, age, and experience, as well as monitor the effects of diversity and inclusion efforts.

Employee Mobility

Track employees who may be ideal candidates for promotions or movement to other positions within your organization. Help ensure fairness by monitoring across employment status and gender.


Analyze labor cost trends to help create a fair and equitable work environment and then monitor the impact of your compensation strategy.

Performance Management

Keep up with programs to provide employees with timely and valuable feedback by checking on review dates, scores, and more.

Retention and Turnover

Use predictive insights and benchmarking features to help identify employees who may be more likely to leave your company, see suggestions that address turnover, and access customizable reports and analytic tools.

Quick and Actionable Insights to Grow Your Business and Care for Your Employees

Let Data Drive Insights

Predictive analytics and AI helps managers reduce subjective interpretation of data.

Paychex Flex HR analytics

Solve People Challenges

From talent acquisition to retention, get guided analysis to make better decisions.

Flex Analytics Screenshot for Feb 2024 release

Access Analytics and Reports

Get 24/7 access to a library of over 160 reports across payroll, HR, benefits, and accounting. Reports can also be customized to suit your needs.

Paychex Flex HR Analytics

Benchmark Your Competition

Adjust your employee engagement and retention strategies with access to our robust library of benchmark datasets for important metrics like pay, turnover, and more.

retention and turnover screen from paychex flex

Be the Hero Your Organization Needs

It’s not just about data. It’s about insights that are people-focused, giving you the confidence to strategize. See how easily Leah, an HR manager, can now use powerful and predictive HR data — that’s just a few clicks away — to make more well-informed decisions. With her ability to turn raw data into actionable insights, Leah, her employees, and her organization can thrive.

 A day in the life of HR manager video cover
Day in the Life of an HR Manager (February 2024)

Clear Insights You Can Count On

"The reporting and access to your analytics is fantastic with automated reports on vast different frequencies."

Mason O., Human Resources Administrator, review, April 2023

Analytics and Reporting FAQs

  • What Is HR Analytics?

    What Is HR Analytics?

    HR analytics applies statistical models to worker-related information to help give businesses the ability to gain insight from selected HR parameters.

  • Why Is HR Analytics Needed?

    Why Is HR Analytics Needed?

    HR data analytics can help provide human resources departments with information to make data-driven business decisions. Whether a business unit manager needs the latest information on time and attendance to streamline their scheduling process, or a quick payroll audit by the HR manager to address a problem, analytics can help make valuable data accessible to business leaders.

  • What Are Benefits of Using HR Analytics in My Organization?

    What Are Benefits of Using HR Analytics in My Organization?

    Analytics can help guide strategic personnel decisions, give your firm an edge over the competition, and solve staffing dilemmas. In short, analytics can elevate HR's contribution to the success of the business.

  • What Are the 4 Levels of HR Analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive)?

    What Are the 4 Levels of HR Analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive)?

    Descriptive analytics offer insights into what’s happening within a business.

    Diagnostic analytics help a business determine the reasons behind certain trends.

    Predictive analytics help a business forecast what might happen in the future.

    Prescriptive analytics provide intelligent recommendations for action based on a business’ data.

  • Can HR Analytics Provide a Competitive Advantage?

    Can HR Analytics Provide a Competitive Advantage?

    HR analytics can help human resource managers to gain a high-level view on what's happening with their business. With this information, it's possible to make strategic decisions that support key human capital management areas, from talent acquisition to employee retention. Companies that invest in gathering and understanding the right information have the foundation to make smarter decisions.

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