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a smiling retail worker

HR and Payroll For Retail Businesses

Get help retaining your workforce and automating HR tasks so you can focus on managing inventory, setting competitive prices, and acquiring new customers.


Customizable Solutions for Your Business

Employee Benefits

Improve Work/Life Balance

Show your commitment to your staff’s well-being with a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical insurance, 401(k) plans, and more.

a female employee using voluntary benefits insurance for her vision exam

Stand Out From the Rest

Save time and focus on finding the right fit when using a single system to list positions, screen candidates, and gather feedback from others in the hiring process.

a retail manager using Paychex Flex to screen and recruit employees
Time and Attendance

Help Prevent Data Errors

Choose the time tracking option that works for your team and save time on manual entry with hours flowing directly into payroll.

Clocking out of work with a smart watch

Streamline New Hire Paperwork

Simplify the new hire process and improve data accuracy when collecting employee information electronically.

paychex flex hiring and onboarding experience on mobile
HR Compliance

Reduce the Chance of Risk

Avoid potential fines or penalties with compliance support that monitors federal, state, and local regulations.

a small business owner uses hazard insurance to protect physical assets in his bike shop

Easy-to-Use Payroll Software

Take the headache out of payroll and experience flexible processing, automated tax filing, and reliable support. Help ensure accurate paychecks for employees – even across multiple locations. 

Paychex Flex payroll overview video
Payroll Overview

Payment Processing and POS

Enable smooth and secure transactions with the ability to gain insights into customer behavior and sales data with the help of our POS system.

a customer using contactless payment option to pay for her purchase at a small business

An All-In-One Solution

Combine your payroll, HR, and benefits into one fully integrated solution to save you time, cut down on administrative costs, and set your sights on what matters – growing your customer base.

Paychex Flex mobile app for employers and employees
Manage HR, Payroll, Benefits and More

Attracting and Retaining Talent for Retail

Keeping quality and dependable workers becomes even more critical in this industry due to traditionally high turnover and seasonality.

  • Use a dedicated HR professional to help assess your employee management process with the intention of ultimately establishing a more loyal workforce
  • Using career development tools, such as a Learning Management System, can boost engagement
  • Stay competitive in this labor market with pay benchmarking tools that compare wage data across the country
a retail manager using the learning management system on his laptop

Stay Connected From Anywhere

Securely and safely access your business data from any smart device to never miss a beat. Allow your employees to stay connected with self-service capabilities to view their pay, set up direct deposit, or update health and benefits information at their convenience.

Paychex Flex on a mobile device

Frank’s Auto Repair Steers in the Direction of Success

For Frank’s Auto Repair, it was all about making business easier. Frank found that the personalized service created a welcoming atmosphere, and the payroll solution was easy to use. With Paychex, he could focus on car maintenance rather than taxes or workers’ compensation payments.

Frank's Auto Repair

"When I first started, my wife used to do my payroll for me, but it didn't always work out because I'm too busy, she's too busy ... so her brother, who's a CPA, suggested that I should use Paychex. Having Paychex as my payroll service just makes my life a lot easier."

Frank Roberts
Frank’s Auto Repair

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