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Payment processing system

Point of Sale (POS) System Solutions

Looking to take your business to the next level? It doesn’t take luck; it takes Clover®. You’ll need a POS system that does more than just handles payment processing. You’ll want scalability, the ability to manage employees, and keep track of your customers.

What You Get with Clover® 

Clover helps users ensure they can get paid, sell more, and run their business better. As an all-in-one management system for restaurants, retailers, and other service businesses, Clover offers options that allow you to get more done than ever before. The Clover App Market gives you access to best-in-class POS apps developed by hundreds of third-party companies to ramp up your Clover system and energize your business. 

POS Systems Offered through Clover 

Clover understands one size doesn’t fit all.  That’s why they offer a full line of solutions designed to complement the unique needs of your business and customers, including:  

Clover Mini POS system

Clover Mini

Small enough to fit in any space, powerful enough to run your restaurant, front to back. This device can swipe, dip, tap, or take cash – any way your customers pay – and you’ll get funds as fast as the next business day. Plus, monitor your sales from any computer or mobile device.

Clover Station POS

Clover Station

This smart terminal makes it easy to capture information, ensure order accuracy, and accept just about every mobile payment type. It’s fast, personal, and secure.

What Can Clover POS System Do for Your Business? 

Streamline operations

The Clover dashboard is your center of operations, from sales and inventory to promotions and business reports.

Manage your business from anywhere

Access your data anywhere you need to run your business: on the floor, at the office, or on the road.

Faster processing, faster deposits

Run chip card transactions in less than three seconds. And with Rapid Deposit, you can get your money in minutes, not days.

Insights to grow your business

Data is the cornerstone for today’s businesses. With a Clover system, you have the ability to harness the power of your own data — discover the patterns and trends driving your sales, take a smarter approach to marketing — to build the business of your dreams.

POS System FAQ

  • What is a POS system?

    What is a POS system?

    A point of sale system, or POS, allows your business to conduct a transaction with a customer — in other words, take payment for products or services. It also has the technology to provide data on inventory and can be used to engage with customers.

  • How does a POS system work?

    How does a POS system work?

    There are several POS system versions.

    • Traditional, where all the data is on a server at your business and you pay for the hardware and specific version of the software upfront – with the knowledge that each upgrade will cost you money
    • Cloud-based, where the software is installed on the hardware and the data is on a remote server, allowing you access through the internet. There usually are monthly subscription fees and updates at no additional charge
    • Hybrid, which uses both the cloud and onsite servers to ensure you always have access to your data
    • Mobile, a standalone device that lets you use an iPad® or Android™ tablet as a POS device to help keep lines short and improve customer experience
  • What is a cloud restaurant POS system?

    What is a cloud restaurant POS system?

    This system, similar to a regular cloud-based POS system, allows your business to capture and store customer information, billing and sales, inventory, and more. And with everything stored on the internet, you can access it anytime and anywhere you want, which gives your business mobility.

  • Is cloud-based POS system secure?

    Is cloud-based POS system secure?

    Data stored in the cloud is encrypted, and since it isn’t kept on a traditional server (computer hard drive), it also is not susceptible to loss from weather or natural disasters.

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