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Talking with an HR consultant

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services

Support your business throughout the entire employee life cycle with Paychex HR PEO, from attracting and retaining talent, to offering world-class benefits, streamlining payroll processing, and maintaining legislative compliance. The average client who works with a PEO:

  • Experiences 20% less employee turnover.
  • Saves 27% in HR costs each year.
  • Saves on average $1,775 per employee per year.1

What Is a Professional Employer Organization?

A PEO is an HR solution that can help you to manage certain administrative functions while also gaining access to Fortune 500-level employee benefits and HR expertise your business might not otherwise be able to afford.

Paychex PEO solutions provide comprehensive HR outsourcing services to support your business throughout the entire employee life cycle. We can help mitigate the burden of complex HR administration responsibilities so that you can remain focused on your core business, all while helping you to reduce administrative costs, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

An employee talking about PEOs

Featured PEO Services

Because each business has its own specific HR challenges, Paychex provides scalable service and support in the areas that matter most to you today and as your business changes, including:

Customers Trust and Rely on Their Paychex HR Professional

Our customers give their dedicated Paychex HR professionals high marks for providing HR advice and recommendations to help solve their specific HR issues, from COVID-19 guidelines to leave management, workforce planning, employee relations, and more.

Paychex HR Professional client satisfaction score

Plumbing M.D. Finds a Fixture in Paychex PEO

Plumbing M.D. was trying to navigate the labor laws in California and experienced some employee issues. The longtime family business turned to Paychex PEO, which provided a dedicated HR Professional who helped the company develop a consistent approach to the process, introduced trainings, and freed up time for the ownership group to focus on growing the business.

Jessie Farias Tavera, COO o Plumbing M.D., speaks with her HR Business Partner online.
Plumbing M.D.

"With Paychex PEO there is just a huge increase of knowledge (on our part) about best practices for running a business, especially in California where there's also a lot of compliance and labor laws that seem to change all the time."

Jessie Farias Tavera
Plumbing M.D.

The Value of Paychex PEO Services

Creating value is an essential component of all small businesses. Efficient operational processes and targeted marketing and technology investments are just a few ways to increase sales, heighten productivity, and decrease costs. Working with a PEO also provides services that may result in cost-savings and better profitability.

a new employee being onboarded

Comprehensive Onboarding and Orientation

Invest in your people and access the recruiting and onboarding tools used by Fortune 500 companies to help streamline the hiring process and make a great first impression.

An employee depositing her paycheck

On-Time and Accurate Payroll

Our certified payroll professionals are dedicated to helping you pay your employees correctly and on time, every pay period. Our payroll service includes options for paperless pay stubs, recordkeeping, customized pay stubs, expense management, and payroll tax compliance.

an employee at the eye doctors

Comprehensive Fortune 500-level Benefits

Improve your ability to attract, motivate, and retain employees with competitive benefits packages. Along with core benefits such as medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) plans, we also offer access to a variety of employee discount programs, including travel, retail, and business services.

Business Consultant providing access to cost-effective HR solutions

Assistance With HR-Related Challenges

Cost-effective solutions help keep your company compliant with federal and state employment laws and reduce the burden of many administrative HR tasks.

a business owner reviewing his eCheck Payment

Accurate, Up-to-Date HR Information

Our automated HR technology system offers better data accuracy, reporting, and streamlined work processes.

a business owner receiving compliance advice

Compliance Expertise

Employment laws and regulations continue to grow in volume and complexity, which is why our compliance professionals stay abreast of laws and regulations. Our human resource professionals can provide in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations to support your compliance program.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of organizations work with a PEO?

    What types of organizations work with a PEO?

    We work with businesses of all sizes and industries and can tailor our services to meet your unique needs. We support many HR-related administrative services so you can stay focused on your business and your team. A PEO organization is best suited to any company interested in improving performance and retaining and engaged employees. According to the National Association of PEOs (NAPEO), clients who work with a PEO:

    • Experience 20% less employee turnover.
    • Save 27% in HR costs each year.
    • Save on average $1,775 per employee per year.
  • How are PEO services delivered?

    How are PEO services delivered?

    Each business has its own specific support needs, so the Paychex HR PEO team includes experts who can help with everything from HR administration to payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, and more.  

    • Relationship Manager/Client Advocate – Your strategic partner helps optimize Paychex HR PEO to meet your specific business needs.
    • HR Business Partner (HRBP) – Manages your strategic HR needs, addresses your business goals, and helps create a supporting strategy. Your HRBP will also consult with you on employee relations and performance management, provide regulatory updates and support, and will be your contact for the benefits annual enrollment process.
    • Payroll Specialist – Handles all payroll-related activities, including payroll processing, maintaining employee records, garnishments, time and attendance, and production of W-2s.
    • Employee Benefits Specialists – Provide support and ongoing consultation on benefits packages, contribution strategy, and ancillary benefits – over the phone and through email. 
  • Do I need to use all of a PEO’s services?

    Do I need to use all of a PEO’s services?

    As part of our client service agreement, our PEO solution includes HR, payroll, benefits, and risk management services. Additional services are available on an a la carte basis, and we can help you make selections that meet your specific business needs.

  • How does the PEO relationship work?

    How does the PEO relationship work?

    The employer remains the employer, maintains control of the business, and is in charge of all business decision-making, including employee supervision and staffing decisions. The PEO supports administrative tasks associated with human resources services, payroll, employee benefits administration, and risk management.

  • What is the difference between employee leasing and a PEO?

    What is the difference between employee leasing and a PEO?

    While an employee leasing agency provides a business with temporary workers who may perform work for a specified time,  a PEO helps you handle HR administration for your own workforce that you supply and manage. During the entire PEO relationship, your workforce remains employed by your business.

  • Can my business benefit from working with a PEO?

    Can my business benefit from working with a PEO?

    Working with a professional employer organization can bring value to your business in the areas of human resources, employee benefits, payroll processing, and risk management. Our comprehensive PEO focuses on these core administrative areas for you, allowing your business to benefit and become better positioned to:

    • Attract and retain talent — We can help you to offer programs and benefits that help you to recruit and retain the very best employees in today’s marketplace.
    • Focus on your core business — We can provide support for many of your HR and payroll administrative tasks.
    • Deliver world-class benefits — We can help you design a benefits package that will enable you to compete with Fortune 500 companies for the best employees.
    • Mitigate risk — We help keep you informed of complex employment laws and offer risk management strategies.
    • Access leading technology — Our best-in-class technology helps make it easy to manage human resources, payroll, and benefits.

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