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Payroll Tax Services

Keeping up with payroll tax rates, accurately calculating liabilities, and making timely payments can be time-consuming.  As part of our payroll offerings, you'll get instant access to our payroll tax service, Taxpay®, an automatic tax administration service. Paychex provides the following tax benefits:

  • Payroll tax calculation 
  • Payroll tax payment 
  • Filing of your payroll taxes with your appropriate agencies 
  • Time savings and reduced risk of penalties for late or inaccurate payments 

Working with Paychex Has Its Benefits

Claim Tax Credits Without the Hassle

Applying for tax credits can be complicated and time-consuming. We make it easy by taking care of the rigorous requirements.

Stay Compliant

We’ll create a well-documented and legally compliant audit trail to help you claim your credits.

Only Pay for Credits Found

This service is completely free for Paychex clients. You only pay a fee when we find credits.

Business Owner Finds a Service to Help Remove a Taxing Burden

Jonathan Kirkendall tried to do it all himself and handle his own taxes — and every year for more than 20 years he owed and had fallen behind. In his first full year using Paychex services, the licensed psychotherapist got a refund that helped get him back on track.

Jonathan Kirkendall, licensed professional counselor who used Paychex

“I was looking for a (payroll provider) who could help me very specifically with quarterly taxes. … I had fallen behind. I just needed some regular help because working with an accountant once a year wasn’t enough. … (Working with Paychex) has been peace of mind. … I’m getting a refund this year and … that’s amazing.”

Jonathan Kirkendall
Licensed Professional Counselor

Do More with Paychex Tax Services 

Paychex Taxpay® makes it easier to avoid tax penalties and our tax credit services help you save money by helping you find tax credits so you can focus on taking your business further.

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