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Employee time clock — Paychex TrueShift™

A time clock that works on your time and budget

Time tracking can be a thankless and stressful job, with all that data entry, countless reminders, and keeping a wary eye on employees who might bend the rules. Gain back that time — and your sanity — while increasing the accuracy of your payroll, with the versatile Paychex TrueShift employee time clock.

  • Automated tracking and reporting

    Reduce time spent preparing time sheets, and reconciling discrepancies.

  • Easy import into payroll

    Help reduce the risk of data-entry errors by importing employee hours directly into Paychex Flex® payroll.

  • Biometric technology

    With built-in biometric technology, you can help prevent “buddy punching” and ensure you’re paying only for hours worked.

TrueShift time clock
TrueShift time clock

What you’ll get with Paychex TrueShift

  • Self-contained, state-of-the-art time clock
  • Software built in to the device
  • Scalability of up to 500 employees per time clock
  • The ability to connect up to 32 time clocks
  • Employee self-enrollment
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Web and mobile punch entry
  • Payroll integration
  • Built-in backup camera to verify failed punches
  • Easy reporting
  • Compliance

    Easily track labor metrics to help you comply with applicable wage and hour requirements, including overtime pay.

  • Visibility

    See when employees punch in and out, overtime worked, and time off taken. Print timecard reports, email them to employees or branch locations, and export data directly into Paychex Flex.

  • Flexible punch options

    Employees can clock in and out via a fingerprint reader, proximity badge, or PIN entry, and web punch via desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Cost management

    Know the labor details necessary to proactively address labor costs. Receive automatic alerts identifying employees approaching overtime hours.

Prefer an online time and attendance solution?

Online Timekeeping

Gain even greater visibility and control over your labor costs with Paychex Flex Time. Equipped with the very latest in timekeeping technology, Paychex Flex Time is a powerful online time and attendance seamlessly integrated with other Paychex Flex services.
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