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Flexible Time Clocks and Mobile Apps to Fit Your Business

Start tracking time worked more accurately and efficiently with a range of Paychex time collection options. No matter what method you pick, rest assured that our systems fully integrate with Paychex Flex® Time, our intuitive, cloud-based time and attendance solution that supports businesses of all sizes and many types of working environments. 

Why You Should Choose Paychex Time Clocks

Automated Tracking and Reporting

With data flowing seamlessly between HR, payroll, and time tracking systems, you can reallocate time you previously spent approving time sheets and reconciling expenses.

Hands-Free Payroll Exports

Help reduce the risk of data-entry errors by relying on integration to automatically export employee hours into payroll.

Helps Prevent “Buddy Punching”

A variety of biometric options can help prevent unauthorized employees from punching in and help to ensure you’re paying only for hours worked.

Compliance with Wage and Hour Regulations

Employee hours are securely stored and easily accessible to help you comply with applicable wage and hour requirements, including overtime pay and leave laws.

Flexible Punch Options wherever Employees are Located

Employees can clock in and out via biometrics (iris, facial verification, fingerscan*), proximity badge, or PIN entry, and web punch via desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Visibility Into Your Time and Attendance Data

Real-time access to employee punches provides managers valuable insight into who’s punching in and out, taking breaks, and working overtime.

Cost Management

Know the labor details necessary to proactively address labor costs (i.e. overtime hours).

Get More from Your Time Tracking System

What You Get with Paychex Time Clocks

Paychex Flex Integration

Manual employee time tracking could be costing your business revenue. Instead, seamlessly transmit data from Paychex time clocks to Paychex Flex Time, our cloud-based time and attendance solution offering visibility and control over your labor costs.

Reliability and Continuity

Offer punch options even in high-traffic areas. The sleek design minimizes obstruction while safeguarding data. Paychex clocks use a common power supply, with standard battery backup lasting up to six hours.

Proximity Card

Help employees clock in quickly and easily with a convenient walk-by reader. Maintain your security standards with up to 37-bit encryption HID badges.

Wireless Functionality

Clocks can operate almost anywhere since no Ethernet connection is needed.

Biometric Time Clocks

Paychex offers iris recognition and fingerscan* biometric time clocks designed for a variety of work environments.

Clock Key Pad

Assign employees an identification number they can key directly into the clock to punch in and out.

Paychex Iris Time Clock 

The Iris Time Clock is fast, reliable, and fully integrates with Paychex Flex — capturing accurate time and attendance data that flows seamlessly to payroll and other solutions.

  • No-touch identity verification helps prevent the transfer of germs or bacteria to other employees when clocking in and out
  • Iris technology works in harsh or dirty environments and is effective while wearing gloves, facemasks, or safety glasses
  • Payroll integration saves time and helps reduce the potential for transcription errors
  • Employee self-service features make it easy to enroll, view hours and time balances, request time off, and swap shifts
  • Works through internet connection lapses, allowing users to clock in and out while storing the data until a connection is re-established

Paychex Flex App

Give employees — whether they’re onsite, in the field, or working remotely — convenient, mobile access to time and attendance as well as scheduling, payroll, HR benefits, and more. The Paychex Flex App allows employees to execute tasks via self-service, such as:

  • Punch and transfer between jobs or assignments
  • View time cards
  • Access work schedules
  • Look up time-off balances
  • Request PTO and submit pay adjustments
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