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Latest Technology Trends to Track Employee Time and Attendance


Some businesses still employ time and attendance software that falls short, despite major technological developments. As a result, these companies' HR and payroll departments may still be at risk for damaging data entry errors, incidents of employee overpayment, and a sizable chunk of administrative and managerial time that could be better used elsewhere.

Here are a few compelling reasons to invest in a new attendance monitoring system:

  • In a survey conducted by a forensic accounting firm, more than 30 percent of employees admitted to falsifying time records.
  • In another survey, more than 65 percent of employees surveyed punched in and out earlier or later than scheduled.

Now is a great time to catch up on the latest technology trends in tracking and monitoring employee work-time and attendance. Here are some key developments that can dramatically improve operations within your company:

Automated Time Tracking

A new wave of systems that live in the cloud offer real-time access to data, offering employees an advanced, user-friendly alternative to outdated or manual time-tracking processes. Automated systems feature employee dashboards and flexible punch methods, including the ability to clock in through mobile punches via one's smartphone or tablet devices.

WiFi-Enabled Time Clocks

New hardware technology built into a WiFi-enabled time clock can support up to 500 employees' time and attendance record-keeping. This solution leverages biometric technology, which helps ensure time-punch accuracy (with an optional image capture), promoting greater efficiency and accuracy.

Advanced Scheduling Modules

Scheduling takes place through cloud-based software as well. This time and attendance solution offers businesses greater visibility and flexibility in managing employee schedules. Schedules can be digitally monitored on a weekly basis, by organizational unit or employee group, with pre-set capacity requirements per employee shift. Also, employees can clearly provide their availability to supervisors and receive email notifications of schedule changes in real-time, making things easier in terms of planning and keeping commitments in their personal lives.

Tablet Kiosk App

Some businesses are adopting a mobile punch option--a tablet kiosk app for Apple iOS devices--that lets employees easily punch in and out using their Apple devices; an ideal resource for people on the move. Through the tablet kiosk app's enhanced functionality and sleek user interface, employers can capture "real-time worked."

Biometric Kiosk

This Android-based touch-screen tablet allows employees to confirm work schedules, review their time cards, and request time off. In some versions, employees can easily scan current job listings and other features. As with other biometric devices, employers no longer need to be concerned with incidents of time-theft or buddy-punching. Fingerprint readers and other forms of authentication can help to eliminate misconduct related to time and attendance.

Mobile Time Sheets

Gone are the days of signing a piece of paper or using cards stamped by time clocks. Mobile time sheet software, downloaded as an app to your tablet or other mobile device, enables employees to access time sheets online. The data provided in this user-friendly method helps employers with payroll processing, record-keeping, and the ability to closely monitor attendance.

Paychex Flex Time offers a range of advanced time-collection options — whether by badge, fingerprint scanner, keypad, web entry, or even smartphone — that can help you reduce lost time and boost employee productivity.


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