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Time Clock Calculator

Manual tracking employee time and attendance could be costing your business revenue and aggravating your staff with cumbersome reporting. With this time and attendance calculator, you can uncover the potential savings of switching from a manual to an automated system.

How to use this calculator:

  • Begin by entering your number of employees and the average hourly wage, using either the slider with your mouse, or by typing the figures in the box.
  • Enter your payroll frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly).
  • Enter the average number of hours employees work, either by week or by pay period.
  • In the final three questions, a conservative estimation has been entered. Change the estimate to what best fits your business, or click "Calculate Savings" to use the calculator with the estimates.

If you have questions about the time clock calculator results, or would like to know more about automating time and attendance tracking, please contact our specialists at Paychex.

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About Your Company

Number of employees

Average hourly wage

About Your Payroll

Payroll Frequency

Average hours employees work

Timecard Calculation Time

Conservative estimate: 7 minutes

Time Employees Miss Per Day

Conservative estimate: 6 minutes

Percentage of Payroll Errors

Conservative estimate: 3%