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Online Time and Attendance Software that Gets Results

One system. One login. One simple, seamless experience.

Paychex Flex® Time, our cloud-based time and attendance system, is fully integrated with our all-in-one platform Paychex Flex, helping you save time and prevent errors while single sign-on connects employees with the information they need across devices, locations, and services. 

Time Tracking Options

General Overview
Time Collection Methods

Web Punch, Mobile App, Kiosk App with Facial Verification, Biometric Iris and Fingerscan Time Clocks, Interactive Voice Response System

Web Punch, Mobile App, Online Timesheets, Kiosk App with Facial Verification

Paychex Flex Integration

Fully integrated

Fully integrated

Employee Self-Service
Labor Level Transfers
IP User Restrictions
CA Meal Penalty
Pay Adjustments (Tips, Reimbursements)
Time Card Approvals
Visual Scheduler
Schedule Exceptions
Schedule Templates
Capacity Scheduling (Worker Availability & Weekly View)
Shift Swapping
Overtime Rules
Approaching Overtime Alerts
Weighted Overtime
Calendar Integration
Email Alerts
Configurable Alerts
Employee Messaging
Reporting and Tracking
Manager Dashboard
Job Costing
Labor Distribution
Report Scheduling
Ad Hoc Reporting
Time Off Accruals
Time Off Requests (Including Via Mobile)
Leave Tracking
Shift Differentials
Points Tracking
Real Time Analytics
Mileage Calculator
Our Platform

How it Works 

  • Safe, accurate, touch-free punching

    Safe, accurate, touch-free punching

    Fully-integrated with Paychex Flex Time, the Invision Iris Time Clock delivers flawless performance in the most challenging work environments – even while wearing safety glasses and masks.

  • Employee self-service. Anytime. Anywhere

    Employee self-service. Anytime. Anywhere

    Wherever your work takes you, Paychex offers easy-to-use and highly-efficient mobile solutions that make scheduling a breeze.

  • Worry-free compliance and cost control

    Worry-free compliance and cost control

    Reduce time card errors and the daunting task of preparing payroll. Our tight integration with the Paychex HCM suite automates manual tasks to help you control costs and stay labor compliant.

Employee Timekeeping Made Simple

It’s up to you to choose the method that employees use to clock in, but consider Paychex time clock options. They can help you gain back time in your workday, increase the accuracy of your payroll, and fully integrate with Paychex Flex and other third-party providers.

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What Our Clients Say About Paychex Time Clock Solutions

Whether getting assessments in real time about the operations or planning the production schedule, TYR Tactical CFO Kevin Hull uses the data from a Paychex TAA solution as a financial and headcount tool to ensure they are staffed properly and addressing any immediate issues.

Kevin Hull is the CFO of TYR Tactical in Arizona
TYR Tactical

It’s very efficient for me just to log-in and start clicking on a few links to get to the information I need. It gives me a real-time assessment of the situation I am looking at or looking for. We use that data to spot trends.

Kevin Hull
Chief Financial Officer
TYR Tactical

Access Time and Attendance from Anywhere

From touchless clocking solutions to our powerful Paychex Flex app, you can track time worked, manage team schedules, and support your compliance efforts — whether you’re working onsite, offsite, or at home.

Mobile Access

Employees can punch in and out, request time off, view schedules, transfer between jobs or assignments, and more — from any location.

Facial Verification

Built into the Kiosk App, facial recognition provides employee identification with every punch and works with any iOS or Android device*.

Geolocation Protection

Confirm the location of every punch recorded by mobile employees. Simply click the pin icon to display the location where the punch was recorded.

Geofencing Technology

Set up a virtual perimeter around designated areas where employees are permitted to record their punches.

Mileage Calculator

Included with Paychex Flex Time, simply hit “start” at your beginning location, drive to your destination, and press “stop.” Mileage can be automatically recorded and submitted for reimbursement at your company’s designated rate.

Calendar Integration

Employees can sync their work schedule to their personal calendar on their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Tablet Kiosk App

Convenient access to PTO requests, vacation balances and schedules, time card approvals and pay adjustments are included. Add optional punch and facial verification features when it’s right for your business.

Time and Attendance FAQ

  • What is a time and attendance system?

    What is a time and attendance system?

    Time and attendance systems are a method for employers to track and monitor their employees’ work hours. Manual or paper-based time tracking methods commonly include time cards, while automated time-collection options include tracking via badge, biometrics (iris, fingerscan), mobile, or web entry. Whether you’re an administrator, manager, or employee, Paychex has the time tracking solutions you need.

  • Why is time and attendance important?

    Why is time and attendance important?

    Time tracking is critical for compliance reasons, and can also help inform larger business decisions. Non-exempt employees’ wages are based on the amount of time they work, so failure to adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and any applicable state wage and hour laws can result in government penalties, employee-initiated litigation, and possibly even back pay. At a high level, assessing hiring needs, workforce reductions, or job assignments may require knowing exact hours worked by all employees. A reliable and accurate time and attendance tracking system can play a key role in these decisions.

  • What are the benefits of integrating payroll and HR systems with time and attendance tracking?

    What are the benefits of integrating payroll and HR systems with time and attendance tracking?

    Many businesses spend significant amounts of time tracking employee time worked. Having separate systems for payroll and time and attendance can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and frustrations. That’s why it’s beneficial to integrate these processes in a single system. An integrated payroll and time tracking system can help ensure that information is consistent across the board for all systems. Information is updated automatically, which helps to reduce the workload on HR staff from having to input changes multiple times in different work systems. Read more about the benefits of integrating employee time tracking with payroll.

  • Do I need to track hours for remote workers?

    Do I need to track hours for remote workers?

    Employers must accurately pay employees whether they're onsite or working in a remote location. If your company has or plans to rely more heavily on a remote workforce for the foreseeable future, it's a good idea to make sure time and attendance can be properly recorded for both hourly and salaried employees.

  • How do I track my employees’ time and attendance?

    How do I track my employees’ time and attendance?

    There are many options to access and track your workforce’s time, whether your employees work in the office, from home, or move between job sites. While manual time-tracking methods have a high margin of error and may rely on employees to remember their hours at the end of a work week, automated methods can offer increased efficiency and accuracy. They can include:

    • Mobile time sheets
    • Advanced scheduling modules with calendar integration
    • Biometric time clocks and apps (scanning of hand, iris, or face)

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