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Paychex Recruiting Software Overview
Paychex Flex® Recruiting Overview

Applicant tracking system and recruiting software

Don’t miss out on hiring quality candidates because you’re using a manual and inefficient applicant tracking system. Automate tasks with Paychex Flex® Hiring, which helps give you the power, reach, and time to find the best candidates to fill open positions. Recruiters and hiring managers can stay connected throughout the process with our full-spectrum, recruiting-to-onboarding applicant tracking system. Another bonus: integration. When you hire an employee, needed data automatically flows into Paychex Flex® for payroll and HR activities.

Why your business needs an applicant tracking system

Applicant tracking software can help make the hiring process easier for you and the job candidates — all through automation. Your business might also benefit from myStaffingPro, a stand-alone package.

  • Standardize your process (job posting, interview scheduling) 
  • Improve communication 
  • Develop candidate scoring systems unique to your business 
  • Improve accuracy, time savings  
  • Lower cost per hire 
  • Applicant self-service  

Be More Efficient — from Recruiting to Regulatory Compliance

  • Recruit


    Easily post job ads to dozens of sites – from the most common to the niche

  • Qualify & Screen

    Qualify & Screen

    Design your own scoring system to help make top candidates stand out. Seamlessly integrate with Paychex Employee Screening Service to validate employee employment history, education, and more

  • Hire


    Simple workflows make it easy to know the status of every applicant

  • Record-Keeping


    Standardize interview notes and secure document storage to help with compliance

Hire the best candidates with recruiting software and applicant tracking system

With our automated applicant tracking system, you can list positions internally and externally, screen job candidates, view and use HR analytics and reports – all to improve your recruiting process and increase your chances of hiring the best candidates.

Applicant tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an applicant tracking system in HR?

    What is an applicant tracking system in HR?

    An applicant tracking system in HR uses automation to improve efficiencies for the employer and the job candidate throughout the recruiting and hiring process. 

  • What does an applicant tracking system do?

    What does an applicant tracking system do?

    Our applicant tracking system streamlines the process of recruiting and hiring candidates, helps save time and reduce errors by replacing paper forms with online forms. Resume parsing tools also can auto-populate applications – reducing errors and saving candidates time. It provides opportunities to use tools such as social media sharing and free job-posting boards to enhance your internal and external reach for candidates.    

  • Why do you need an applicant tracking system?

    Why do you need an applicant tracking system?

    In a competitive market, a positive business reputation can help you recruit candidates. An applicant tracking system enables employers to screen more thoroughly by designing multiple-choice questions with scoring capabilities. Finding more top-quality candidates through an applicant tracking system can help save on cost per hire and avoid hiring an individual that could ultimately damage the reputation of your business.  

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