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Paychex Learning Management System

Provide employees the online learning tools they need to succeed

Creating a workplace that promotes skill, career, and leadership development is important for everyone. Paychex Learning Essentials and Paychex Learning Enhanced enable you to provide accessible online courses to your workforce more affordably than a traditional learning management system, or LMS platform.

By making LMS training and e-learning a priority, you can help ensure employees – of any generation – are engaged, focused and continually honing their skills, in addition to potentially improving retention and diminishing costly turnover to your business.

Paychex Learning Management System features:

  • Modern digital user interface

    Training courses are available online for both onsite and remote employees.

  • Agile and accessible online courses

    No need for additional login or sign-in locations – courses are available through Paychex Flex®.

  • Relevant topics

    Select training course libraries that meet your industry’s or workplace’s demands.

Paychex LMS video

Paychex LMS Service



5 online training courses

Track and view learner transcripts

Assign training

Mobile friendly

Calendar to schedule live trainings

Ability to purchase additional training libraries

Upload content

Create content

Add videos and online links

Interactive quizzes and tests

Provide checkpoints and surveys

Paychex Flex LMS catalog

What you’ll get with Paychex Learning Essentials online courses

LMS features include:

  • Five eLearning courses that educate employees on business basics
  • Six libraries of courses covering business skills, HR compliance, sales and service, leadership and management, software, and workplace safety may be purchased separately for a nominal fee
Author your own LMS course

What you’ll get with Paychex Learning Enhanced

This robust LMS platform includes all components of Paychex Learning Essentials and adds the ability for employers to easily customize content to their industry or workforce.

Tailor training for your business with Paychex Learning Enhanced

Already have training materials? Looking to create custom trainings? Now managers can assign and monitor employee trainings, upload previously created training materials, and create their own trainings. Using their Paychex Flex account, employees will then be able to access the new and existing trainings.

LMS features include the ability for employers to:

  • Upload existing online courses
  • Create new materials in the LMS system
  • Enhance content by easily importing video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as import third-party content from other providers
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