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Paychex Learning Management System
Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) for Businesses

Deliver a seamless and easy-to-use online learning experience for your entire workforce. From new-hire onboarding to compliance training and professional development programs, choose the training material you want to provide to workers when and where they need it.

What You Get With Paychex LMS

Create Courses Within Minutes

Create online training for employees, including videos, interactive quizzes, and anonymous surveys, or import existing training materials that may be specific to your workforce.

Creating a course in the LMS

Access to 300+ Courses Through 20+ Libraries

Utilize our extensive collection of online employee trainings ranging from business skills, HR compliance, leadership skills, workplace safety, and much more, from any device.

Paychex LMS Course Catalog

Robust Course Analytics

View and assess employee performance, monitor development, and get a big-picture view of the organizational learning curve.

LMS course analytics

Track and View Learning Transcripts

Implement online courses and keep up with your employees’ progress with software to track their training.

LMS learning transcripts and progress

Compare Paychex LMS Features

Paychex LMS Options

Provide effective and versatile e-learning opportunities to your employees with an LMS that can help meet your needs.

Track and View Learner Transcripts
Assign Training
Mobile Friendly
Calendar To Schedule Live Trainings
Ability To Purchase Additional Training Libraries
Upload Content
Create Content
Interactive Quizzes and Tests
Provide Checkpoints and Surveys

Our Clients Share the Importance of a Learning Management System for Training

"The LMS was key. We needed to conduct mandatory trainings (in California) on sexual harassment, and Paychex had them. We also had a lot of employees working remotely at the time (during COVID-19), and everything went so smooth."

— Jason Himber, CEO, Easy Speech Therapy

Testimonial: CEO of Easy Speech Therapy Jason Himber discusses how happy he is with using the Paychex LMS

Courses Designed To Support Your Business

HR Compliance

Help staying on top of laws and regulations including, but not limited to HIPAA and harassment prevention training.

Business Skills

Foster employee growth and development by empowering workers to enhance and expand their knowledge and abilities.

Leadership & Management

Enable managers to lead more effectively with a library of content covering coaching, delegation, empowerment, motivation, team building, and more.

Cybersecurity & Digital Awareness

Help ensure employees understand the importance of staying vigilant and using good judgement with sensitive business data on software including Google Apps™, Microsoft Office 365*, SkillPath®, and more.

Sales & Service

Help your employees develop skills including customer service, negotiation, and more to assist in reaching your business goals.

Workplace Safety

Address the specific needs of your business, including various safety requirements, and remind employees of workplace hazards that reinforce training.

LMS Benefits for Employers

  • Create an automated process to shape employee training into what fits for your workplace
  • Train workers to help your business stay compliant and more productive
  • Develop your own courses or utilize existing learning materials
  • Create a better new hire onboarding experience and enhance motivation, engagement, and employee retention
Learning Managment System transcripts

LMS Benefits for Employees

  • Easy-to-use LMS software offers a seamless interactive learning experience
  • Flexibility to complete training sessions at a time and place that works best for them
  • Opportunities for career growth and development
  • Increase workplace engagement and empowerment and develop a stronger connection to your company’s mission and goals
Learning Management System on a mobile device

Learning Management System FAQ

  • What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    An LMS is a versatile and flexible e-learning platform that businesses can use to plan, implement, and track completion of assigned trainings. Online learning management software allows you to deliver content, monitor employee participation, and assess their performance.

  • What Is the Purpose of an LMS?

    What Is the Purpose of an LMS?

    An LMS solution provides education and development resources for today's workplaces. Online training initiatives can provide utmost value when they help address other larger key issues that can impact an organization.

  • What Features Are Typically Included in an LMS?

    What Features Are Typically Included in an LMS?

    Depending on your employees' training preferences and business goals, an LMS platform can offer a range of educational features, from basic courses to a comprehensive learning library. The size, budget, and goals of your organization are all factors that will determine what type of e-learning management system is right for your staff.

  • How Can an LMS Serve My Specific Industry and Employees?

    How Can an LMS Serve My Specific Industry and Employees?

    Because an effective learning management tool can be customized based on business priorities, any industry and worker can benefit from an LMS, including HR departments, professional groups, entrepreneurs, self-learners, and more.

  • How Much Does an LMS Cost?

    How Much Does an LMS Cost?

    The Paychex learning management software system is offered on a subscription model and is based on the number of active users enrolled. Businesses can expect to pay per employee, per month along with a flat monthly fee to access the online LMS. Contact a Paychex representative for more detailed pricing based on the needs of your business.

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