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a business owner reviewing their hr dashboard on paychex flex

Solutions for Midsize Businesses, 20-49 Employees

As a business grows, so too do its HR challenges. But when you’re short-handed, don’t have sufficient tools to do the job, or compliance complexities become overwhelming, that’s where Paychex comes in. We help HR professionals and business leaders at over 730,000 businesses nationwide manage payroll and HR more efficiently. We do it with our unique combination of easy-to-use technology, scalable service, and large team of compliance analysts.

Our All-in-One HR solution — Paychex Flex®

Simplify tasks and reduce administrative burdens by managing everything HR from one platform recruiting and applicant tracking, time and attendance, hiring and onboarding, health insurance, and much more — all of which can integrate with your payroll processing.

Reduce Payroll Errors With Help From Your Employees

Give your employees the ability to preview their paystubs before payday in Paychex Flex® and report any potential payroll discrepancies to you — which could save you time and money. See why Paychex Pre-Check was HR Executive Magazine’s Top HR Product of the Year with its innovative combination of payroll, time management, and employee self-service technology.

Paychex Pre-Check award-winning feature to prevent payroll errors
Paychex Pre-Check

Easily Integrate with Your Favorite Software Tools

Paychex integrations can help you easily connect and share data between Paychex Flex and dozens of popular HR, accounting, point-of-sale, and productivity tools to help meet the needs of your growing business and streamline your processes.

midsize business solutions flex screen

Plumbing M.D. Needed to Fix a Few Processes and Turned to Paychex PEO

Plumbing M.D. was trying to navigate the labor laws in California and experienced some employee issues. The longtime family business turned to Paychex PEO, which provided a dedicated HR Professional who helped the company develop a consistent approach to the process, introduced trainings, and freed up time for the ownership group to focus on growing the business.   

Jessie Farias Tavera, COO o Plumbing M.D., speaks with her HR Business Partner online.
Plumbing M.D.

“With Paychex PEO there is just a huge increase of knowledge (on our part) about best practices for running a business, especially in California where there’s also a lot of compliance and labor laws that seem to change all the time.”

Jessie Farias Tavera
Plumbing M.D.

Ready to Learn More?

Business growth often means more challenges, but you don’t have to navigate them alone. Simplify business complexities with help from Paychex.

Midsize Business Solutions FAQ 

  • Why do companies outsource benefits administration and other areas of HR?

    Why do companies outsource benefits administration and other areas of HR?

    Some companies consider outsourcing if they’re struggling to find the right balance between efficiency and cost. They may choose to seek HR help from a third party when the department’s entire focus is on administrative tasks, HR is becoming a cost center, or they’re struggling to keep up with regulatory requirements.

    Some common reasons that a company chooses to outsource human resource functions include:

    • Saving money by reducing operating expenses
    • Controlling risk and improving compliance
    • Streamlining HR functions
    • Reducing HR administrative expenses
    • Improving service delivery
    • Allowing HR staff to focus more on strategic areas of the business
    • Lack of in-house expertise
  • What areas of HR can be outsourced?

    What areas of HR can be outsourced?

    A third-party administrator can either fully or partially handle

    • Background checks
    • Employee assistance and counseling services
    • COBRA administration
    • Workers' compensation
    • Health care benefits administration
    • Retirement benefits administration
    • Payroll processing
  • What should I look for in an HR administrator?

    What should I look for in an HR administrator?

    Depending on your needs, look for a provider’s track record, reputation in the marketplace, level of customer service, technology platform, and familiarity with your industry.

  • How do I set up HR for my company?

    How do I set up HR for my company?

    The area of human resources is nuanced. There are many things to consider if your business is formalizing an HR department, particularly if you're handling tasks on your own. Just a few areas that HR handles are health care legislation, paid leave laws, state-sponsored retirement plan requirements, and hiring and termination. You may want to make the case for HR services to help with simple administrative tasks or a more comprehensive outsourced HR management program.

  • I am an administrative professional at my company and have to handle HR tasks. What should I do?

    I am an administrative professional at my company and have to handle HR tasks. What should I do?

    When HR falls to office managers and administrative professionals, seek out training in human resources to help ensure that you know how to proceed when carrying out day-to-day personnel tasks. This can also include joining a professional organization such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and taking advantage of free online resources specifically geared toward HR topics. This is also a great time to consider strategic outsourcing to ensure that you understand and are up to date with applicable regulations and know how they apply to your company.

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