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An employee checking his paycheck to make sure it's correct
Paychex Pre-check

Paychex Pre-checkSM: Simplifying Payroll

Our award-winning combination of payroll, time management, and employee self-service technology helps you:

  • Ensure payroll accuracy before payday to save time and money
  • Reduce the chance of costly human error
  • Support the nearly 3/5 of employees who live paycheck to paycheck1

Admins and Employees Can Review Check Stubs Before Payday

Step 1 – Employee Begins Review for Payroll Discrepancies

Employees receive an automated payroll notification in the Paychex Flex app or via text message when a new check stub is ready for review.

Employee receives a notification saying their paycheck is ready to review

Step 2 – Employee Reviews Check Details for Payroll Discrepancies

Details of the upcoming check are displayed as on a normal check stub, making it easy to quickly review key items, such as withholdings, deductions, and the net pay amount of the check. From the top of your screen, select “Confirm” to complete your review or click, “Report an issue.”

View your check details in Paychex Flex

Step 3 – Employee Reports Any Payroll Issues

If something doesn’t look right, an issue can be submitted to an admin right from the check stub review screen.

If there is an issue with a paycheck amount, an employee can report it

Step 4 – Admin Determines if Any Action Is Needed

Once the employee’s review is complete, an admin receives a notification to view the check stub issue screen. The payroll admin ultimately has the final say with any adjustments that need to be made due to a paycheck issue reported by an employee. The employer retains complete control of the payroll process.

Find out if an employee reports an issue with their paycheck

Step 5 — Admin Views Activity and Tracks Results

Reporting is available to show that your employees are reviewing their check stubs for accuracy as well as how many pay stubs were correct and how many had an issue.

Employers can see the review status of their employees

Reduce Payroll Discrepancies

Paychex Pre-check can help reduce payroll discrepancies and costly corrections by making it easy for admins to communicate with employees to review their payroll in advance. Our powerful combination of payroll, time and attendance, and HR features lets your employees quickly review and approve their paycheck before payday, enhancing their payroll experience — and yours.

employee using the Paychex pre-check app

The Power of Paychex Pre-check

Paychex Pre-check allows your employees to review their own paychecks in advance of payday for accuracy and help save your business from what could be costly payroll errors. Hear from our customers about why they choose Paychex.

Terri from Mason Marketing using Paychex Flex
Mason Marketing, LLC

“We have quite a few employees these days that are working remote and Paychex Flex really allows them to go in at any time from home and really check on their payroll, check on their contributions, and really look and make sure that everything is accurate.”

Terri Cubiotti
Mason Marketing, LLC

Employer Benefits of Paychex Pre-check

  • Can increase payroll processing accuracy
  • May reduce administrative burdens and costly payroll errors
  • Helps simplify and automate the payroll process
  • Helps improve employee retention and satisfaction
  • Enhances recruiting leverage
employer pre-checking payroll for more accuracy

Employee Benefits of Paychex Pre-check

  • Supports self-service capabilities, which are preferred by employees
  • Helps strengthen morale through positive brand reputation and culture
  • Can increase payroll accuracy to help ensure employees are paid correctly on time
  • Strengthens the employer-employee bond by helping deliver on the promise to pay employees accurately and on time
  • Helps keep employees satisfied and improve employee retention
worker checking payroll

Simplify Your Payday Today

Use Paychex Pre-check to help improve payroll accuracy and save valuable time.

Help Stabilize Employee Finances

Nearly three-out-of-five employed Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, including hourly (63%) and salaried (50%) employees.1 Improved payroll accuracy can make the difference in stabilizing their cash flow.

Spend Your Time More Productively

Nearly 25% of employers report spending at least 15 hours a month validating timecards.3 Paychex Pre-check allows your employees to raise concerns before payday, making it easier on you while helping ensure payroll accuracy for them.

Help Reduce Employee Turnover

32% percent of employees said they would begin looking for another job after one missed check, 26% after one incorrect check.2 By improving accuracy before payroll is run, Paychex Pre-check may give employees one more reason to stay with your business.

Help Reduce Common Payroll Mistakes

Approximately 33% of all employers make payroll errors4, but with Paychex Pre-check you can help make them less likely.

Award-Winning Functionality

Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award, Silver
BIG Innovation 2023 Logo
Human Resource Executive Top HR Product Award

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Avoid Payroll Errors?

    How Do You Avoid Payroll Errors?

    Payroll errors can happen even to the most experienced payroll administrators, often because employees have made a mistake in reporting their time. Using an employee self-service tool such as Paychex Pre-check allows the employees themselves to review their paycheck before processing.

  • How Long Does It Take To Fix a Payroll Mistake?

    How Long Does It Take To Fix a Payroll Mistake?

    Your state’s laws and regulations may dictate how long you’re allowed to work on correcting a payroll mistake. Employees expect accurate paychecks and may not be forgiving if they feel it’s taking too long to be paid correctly.

  • How Do You Increase Employee Retention?

    How Do You Increase Employee Retention?

    There are many ways to improve employee engagement and retention. Offering valued benefits, stabilizing work schedules, and ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time are three that are often used by businesses looking to keep top talent.

  • What Is Employee Self-Service?

    What Is Employee Self-Service?

    An employee self-service system is an online platform that lets employees handle some of their own HR, payroll, and benefits tasks from their desktop or mobile device. This helps free HR professionals from having to answer an overwhelming number of questions or performing routine tasks such as entering an employee’s personal information for them. With some self-service systems, employees can also elect benefits, add dependents, preview payroll before payday, access performance reviews, and participate in online training and development.

  • Do Employees Prefer Self-Service?

    Do Employees Prefer Self-Service?

    In past Paychex research, 73% of U.S. employees said they preferred to accomplish a variety of HR tasks on their own via self-service. This has been confirmed by several studies over the years. While the percentages may be different, in each case a majority of employees indicated they prefer self-service over the alternative of needing to go to HR whenever a change needed to be made to their personal information.

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