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HR consulting services

Expand your HR team with help from a dedicated HR professional

There never seems to be enough time or resources to complete all of your HR initiatives, whether you’re an HR department of one or an HR director with a department of your own. Instead of stretching your own resources, you can expand your HR team with access to a highly trained Paychex HR professional who will get to know your business and share their specialized knowledge throughout the employee life cycle.

  • A smart option

    Paychex HR professionals are highly trained in each aspect of the employee life cycle, including employment regulations, and can make a valuable addition to your team for less than the cost of a new hire.

  • A name, not a number

    One dedicated HR professional will be assigned to your business. You’ll consider them a valued member of your team as they come to understand your company and its needs.

  • Automate your analytics

    Call on your HR professional to conduct an HR assessment, assist with planning, and assist with specific issues within your organization.

Paychex HR professional working with a client

Paychex HR professionals can offer assistance with:

  • Hiring and managing employees
  • Creating an employee handbook
  • Employee benefits orientation
  • Employee training
  • Annual enrollments
  • Employee termination
  • Workplace safety
  • Regulatory updates​​​

In addition to best practices, you can get consultative guidance from a dedicated HR business partner through Paychex PEO+.

Why expand your HR team with Paychex

  • Count on a knowledgeable regulatory resource

    Get proactive updates on federal and state employment laws and regulations that may impact your business, so it’s easier to manage compliance.

  • Simplify your hiring process

    Get help identifying job candidates, applying effective hiring tactics, onboarding new hires, and retaining productive employees.

  • Develop company policies and clarify your culture

    Your HR professional is available to help you develop and update your employee handbook, including policies addressing applicable state and federal employment-related laws.

  • Accomplish more throughout the employee life cycle

    Obtain essential assistance at any point in the employee life cycle, from interviewing and hiring to employee discipline and separation.

  • Get help with benefits and enrollment meetings

    If you offer section 125 or 401(k) plans through Paychex, your HR professional can also hold enrollment meetings for employees directly from your location, so you can concentrate on other HR initiatives.

  • Conduct ongoing manager and employee training

    We deliver on-site training on 80 topics – such as business skills, federal employment laws, and health and safety – and can help you determine which may have the greatest positive impact.

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Insights and tools to keep you informed

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