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A Paychex HR expert consulting with a client

HR Consulting Services 

Having someone you can count on to help you address a pressing issue is key to making HR simple. We are an HR solutions provider that offers access to a dedicated, experienced HR professional who can help you ensure your business gets the full attention and support it deserves.

Dedicated Support from Your HR Professional 

Your experienced HR expert will learn about you and your business and provide HR support to help you solve your specific issues.

  • We deliver personalized and actionable HR advice based on your risk tolerance and needs to support your business objectives
  • We collect fact-specific details of your business situation
  • We leverage our leading technology-enabled solutions to turn insights into actions to deliver effective recommendations
Paychex HR Expert helping a client

Discover the Paychex Difference

Get Direct HR Advice,
Not a Template

Assess your actual HR needs
Develop a unique, ongoing service plan
Proactively contact you with critical information
Monitor changing laws and regulations to keep you aware of impacts on your business
Leverage our leading HR technology to turn insights into actions

What Does a Paychex HR Professional Do for You?

Becomes an Extension of Your Business

Paychex HR consulting professionals are trained in topics ranging from recruiting and hiring to employee separation and employment laws and regulations. They will become a strategic partner to your team who knows your business and its challenges.

Delivers Real Answers to your HR Issues

Call on your HR professional to conduct an HR assessment, assist with planning, and help with specific issues within your organization. They will work with you to build an ongoing strategic HR action plan that is tailored to your needs and goes beyond simple best practices.

Proactively Identifies and Assesses Workplace Risks

Our HR professionals have their finger on the pulse of key compliance issues that impact your industry, and can use these insights to help you reduce the risk of common employee relations pitfalls.

Provides Support When and How It Works for You

Our HR professionals are passionate about helping businesses. You can count on your dedicated HR professional to give your business the full attention and support it deserves with one-to-one strategic consulting.

Customer Satisfaction Scores Say It All

Paychex customers are extremely satisfied with their HR professional’s knowledge, responsiveness, and ability to give them direct recommendations by assessing their needs.

Paychex HR Professional client satisfaction score

Steady Communication Helps Navigate a Wave of Regulations

"CEO Jason Himber recognized that doing business in California is tricky with ever-changing laws and regulations impacting compliance for Easy Speech Therapy. A proactive Paychex HR professional delivered timely information to help manage OSHA and other requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Jason Himber is CEO of Easy Speech Therapy in California
Easy Speech Therapy

"Within the first 24 hours of being a Paychex customer, our dedicated HR representative sent us several emails … about things we needed to do to prepare for 2021, things we needed to be aware of, planning for and also good day-to-day reminders.”

Jason Himber
Easy Speech Therapy

CEO Follows Trends to Identify Growth Coming Out of COVID-19 Pandemic

Anthony Cristiano recognized many of his clients were snowbirds during the winter. To keep his salon a cut above the rest, he is planning to open pop-up salons in southern cities to cater to his clientele. He knows he'll need help understanding state and local compliance requirements, so he's turning to Paychex.

Anthony Cristiano Salon testimonial
Anthony Cristiano Salon

“It was always a vision of mine to have multiple salons, and I’m looking at this time to start thinking of that growth. What I’ll need and where Paychex will help me with is learning each city and what type of tax implications and the different rules that govern (each locale), and Paychex will help me understand and to be compliant.”

Anthony Cristiano
Anthony Cristiano Salon

"Our Paychex HR professional is always there for us. She always knows the answer, and if she doesn’t, which is rare, she gets it fast."

Rhonda Neville
Director of HR
Vienna Beef

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