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Client Testimonials

Learn how businesses of all sizes use Paychex products and services to gain the freedom to succeed.

The essence of teamwork

Farmers Insurance agent Kay Farjadi was in her first year of owning her business when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. She needed help to set up her employees for remote work and to establish required safety protocols in the office for when they returned. She found support from Paychex, who made it easier to run payroll and helped having conversations with employees about their safety concerns.

Think big, expand staff – and do it easily with help

The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene tackles some big challenges – researching and trying to cure tropical infections and diseases – around the world with a staff spread across the United States. Even that presented some hurdles, with different labor laws and onboarding. They looked for a way to make the process simpler. They looked to Paychex.

Working through expansion and crisis

Just as Industrial Manufacturing Solutions was expanding to a new facility double its original size, COVID-19 struck. They needed a plan – Paychex gave them several. With help learning to prepare to work under the new requirements, IMS opened and was able to train their internal and external workforce for how to do business safely with customers.

Finding a financial pick-me-up

When COVID-19 hindered how Smile Café operated, including its financial situation, Dr. Daniel Noor, DMD, looked for help, including how to save some money. His Paychex representative offered access to valuable resources and the suggestion to bring payroll, HR, and insurance into one bundle. The results – and the savings – brought a smile to the face of a longtime customer.

Calming fears during COVID-19

When one of her clients approached with concerns on how to pay employees, HR consultant Joslyn Cortez discussed options such as reclassifying work and restructuring compensation while remaining compliant. The company remained operational and continued to pay employees.

Navigating complexities of return-to-work process

With so many new laws, Cottrell Paper needed guidance on what to do if employees were sick or needed testing, and what requirements had to be followed to properly disinfect their workplace. Our HR consultant responded quickly to provide the resources necessary to help the company stay compliant as it got back to doing business.

Offering a helping hand

Crown Jewell Entertainment knows about home security, but when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, they were overwhelmed with how to keep their employees safe – and employed. Our HR consultant laid out a plan to satisfy the client’s needs and mitigate her concerns.

Safety, first and foremost

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Katie Sanders was empathetic when engaging her clients with respect to their comfort level about safety. She shared guidance and information that helped them develop plans to keep employees and customers safe.

Technology in the nick of time

Whether suggesting simple technology such as communicating through chats or using resources provided by Paychex, Jess Battaglia helps clients work through adapting to remote work to keep the team together. By staying up to date on laws and regulations, she is prepared to help them understand the information that helps them make necessary business decisions.

Referring Paychex is easy

“It’s very easy to refer clients and customers to Paychex …. I continue to refer as much as I can. A lot of things that Paychex does makes things easier for us.” – Chris Schogan, owner

Rescue Village - HR guidance for the Humane Society

Staffing problems and budgets used to keep Cory Griffin up all night. See how Paychex made HR simple for Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village with training support from a dedicated HR professional, and solutions that result in real cost savings.

Vienna Beef - Personal, professional HR guidance

Paychex makes HR simple for Vienna Beef, a company with more than 300 union and non-union workers in three states. See how they benefit from the support of our dedicated HR professional and our comprehensive solution.

Special Care Systems - HR team of one

When you’re the entire HR team, how do you handle everything from time tracking to employment laws? See how Shelly from Special Care Systems saves time and keeps up with regulations, thanks to the support of her dedicated Paychex HR professional.

Rescue Village - Time and cost savings

See how Rescue Village’s dedicated Paychex HR professional, Ronnda, helps them ensure the business is doing all it can for its employees, from streamlining processes online to assisting with hiring and training managers and supervisors.

ASG - HR guidance for a growing business

See how Paychex helped Chicago’s Acceptance Solutions Group (ASG) grow from 30 to 180 employees with support from a dedicated HR professional and solutions that result in annual savings of more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Vienna Beef - Complexity made simple

A thorough employee handbook is important, especially when your company has more than 300 union and non-union employees across three states. See how Lisa, the Paychex HR professional for Vienna Beef, helped develop their handbook and more.

ASG - Powering growth

When the CFO of Acceptance Solutions Group (ASG), Adam Diekelman, needs help with talent acquisition and development he calls on Halee, his company’s Paychex HR professional, for support.

TLF Graphics

Offering a 401(k) not only can help attract new employees in a competitive marketplace, but also help retain and bring more satisfaction to your current team.

Unicorn Cupcake Boutique

Paychex helps unique and creative businesses, like Unicorn Cupcake Boutique of Scottsdale, AZ grow. From handling payroll services to digital marketing services, Paychex gives time back to owners.  

Glass Block Guys

Paychex is more than just payroll services. Through the help of their Paychex representative, The Glass Block Guys, were introduced to CardX, a service that helps reduce credit card service fees.

Empty Mirror Cleaners

Paychex leverages Digital Marketing Services to grow client Empty Mirror Cleaner's business and online exposure.

Chicago Tailgators

Kosher catering service Chicago Tailgators turned to Paychex on the recommendation of their accountant. Paychex strikes the perfect balance for owner Steven Greenburg, giving him the necessary information to stay on-track and compliant with payroll and HR services, without overwhelming him with information.

Harold’s Meat + Three

Harold’s Meat + Three

“Our time savings is huge. Paychex Flex Time saves a lot of hassle and headaches. It really cut down our expenses.” 

Juravel & Company, LLC

For Philip Juravel, managing partner at Juravel and Company LLC, he wanted payroll handled by experts. That's why he chose to partner with Paychex for his clients' payroll administration.

The Accounting Office

Paychex brings the same values of ease-of-use and accessibility that The Accounting Office's clients expect from their CPA. That's why The Accounting office chose Paychex for their clients' payroll administration. Round-the-clock service and technology innovations like Accountant HQ made Paychex the right business partner.

401(k) & 403(b) Fiduciary Advisors

Paychex' 401(k) had the cutting edge features that senior plan consultant Jeremy Pomer wanted for his clients. Paychex also offers the personalized, proactive, face-to-face service that has enabled him to grow his business.

Safe Harbor Pension & Wealth

Paychex allows business owner Steve Barrilleaux more time to do what he does best -- meet with clients about their retirement dreams, visions, and savings.

Balagio Ristorante

Processing payroll for the Balagio Ristorante was taking a lot of office hours. The restaurant found a partner in Paychex and now it only takes a 10-15 minute call to complete the necessary payroll tasks.

Coronado Brewing Company

After tripling in size, Controller and HR Director Cathy Gill was losing sleep over compliance concerns. She gained back those lost hours by working with Paychex on a human capital management platform that best suited the business and was a single price per employee.

WXXI Public Media

WXXI Public Media turns to Paychex to run their payroll so they don't have to worry about tracking time and labor or keeping up with the latest IRS rules.

Mason Selkowitz

Marketing agency Mason Selkowitz has been a loyal Paychex client for over two decades. Partnering with Paychex has enabled this small company to offer big league benefits, such as 401(k) and Section 125 employee benefits -- all seamlessly integrated with payroll.

Frank's Auto Repair

Frank Roberts, owner of Frank's Auto Repair, transitioned from doing payroll in-house to working with Paychex on the recommendation of a CPA.

Podiatry Care of Maine

Podiatry Care of Maine manually processed payroll, which took a lot of time and effort. Now Paychex helps them save time -- payroll management is down to five minutes per week -- and feel more confident that their employees are getting paid correctly.

Workplace Essentials

As a growing business, Workplace Essentials felt it needed to switch to a more robust system. Paychex offered them one complete solution.

ESET North America

Employees at ESET North America are fueling their dreams for retirement by taking advantage of a Paychex 401(k) plan. See how the company has nearly 90 percent plan participation.

Holy Childhood

Holy Childhood is doing good and working better, with help from Paychex. Although a relatively small not-for-profit organization, they have many diverse reporting needs.

Home Power Systems

Paychex helps Jim Swetman, president and owner of Home Power Systems, not only develop proactive hiring and HR strategies, but also stay focused on running his small business.

Microgen Systems

Michael J. Perrotta, CFO/COO of Microgen Systems, Inc., discusses how Paychex has helped his company recruit top engineering talent by offering competitive employee benefits.


Even without a full-time HR department on staff, Daniel Mejak, Operations Manager at Parkleigh, relies on Paychex to keep the company up-to-date on ever-changing compliance laws and regulations.

Pet Partners

With offices in 27 states and over 2,000 employees, Pet Partners chose Paychex for easy-to-use solutions, allowing the company to stick to its mantra of letting employees concentrate on pets, not paperwork.

Rochester Brain & Spine

Paychex uses thorough documentation and training to help Rochester Brain and Spine stay in compliance. It was also crucial in helping the business when an employee filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Sheridan Medical Group

Despite paradigm change, tools and training from Paychex have empowered employees to excel in their work, according to Jennifer Carlson, Director of Clinical Operations at Sheridan Medical Group.

Trü Salon

Julie Judge, the owner of Trü Salon, talks about how Paychex gives her the ability to provide for her staff the typical benefits that you'd see in any other bigger company, helping her attract a better quality employee.

The Revelry

"Just like we do in our restaurants, Paychex has built a team of people who care and consistently provide an outstanding level of service."


Conalvias USA, LLC, is a heavy civil construction company that uses Paychex to help streamline their benefits, payroll, human resources, and reporting needs.

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