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Tommy Stuckey is a former Marine who now owns sub shop franchises.

Client Testimonials

A Former Marine Finds Support to Salute Members of the Military

Tommy Stuckey wanted to help those in a military town, so he opened a sub shop franchise on a base — and then another — to feed and employ those serving in and who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. He turned to Paychex for additional support so he could focus on his mission.

Featured Stories

  • Employees at Lago 210 handle food prep work in the kitchen.
    Lago 210
    A Tip from Restaurant Owners: A Retirement Benefit Pays Off Now and in Future
    10-49 Employees

    “We do care very much about our employees, and we want them to be able to save for the future. But also (use a retirement plan) for recruitment and bringing new employees in.

    Jordan Zybala, Owner
  • Paychex client West Park Animal Hospital
    West Park Animal Hospital
    Providing Solutions That Engage Employees Unleashes Their Potential
    50-249 Employees

    Paychex helps us with so many services. My HR Business Partner has been super helpful with situations I’ve never had to deal with before, so it really helped guide us to make educated decisions based on our own culture and organization.”

    Jason Eller, HR Manager,

  • TLF Graphics
    TLF Graphics
    Offering a 401(k) Plan Leaves a Lasting Impression
    250-1,000+ Employees

    "As a recruitment tool, the 401(k) is a very integral part of what we offer our employees."


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mol logistics thumbnail
MOL Logistics - Time and Attendance
Client Shows How to Free Up Time with TAA Hack in Paychex Flex®
50-249 Employees

"Having them be able to access Paychex Flex® through the website and then being able to click-in, clock-out, check their timecards, that for me was the biggest challenge prior to using this system ... Now, I can see all of that on the back end, and it's very useful to me." 

— Santiago Jara, HR Manager
An employee works with a resident of a senior living community.
Discovery Senior Living (PEO)
Senior Living Communities Discover How Paychex PEO Supports Growth
250-1,000+ Employees

“When we acquire a new community, continuity in the team members is very critical to the residents, so it’s very critical for us to ensure … all these team members are enrolled in a payroll system, signed up for their benefits, get their 401(k).”

Lisa Lacy, Senior Vice President of HR
An employee of Specialized Accounting Services works on her computer
Specialized Accounting Services (HR Services)
Greg Duffy poses outside his fleet of trucks for his SuperSeal Sealcoating business.
Super Seal Sealcoating Company - ERTC
Transparency and Ease Seal the Deal for Client on Using ERTC Service
10-49 Employees

"It was pretty easy as long as I had Paychex as my payroll company... They had the numbers. They came in, explained the costs, and explained what they were going to do. I had to supply my quarters for three years, which was pretty easy to do."

Greg Duffy, Owner
Employees of Super Seal Sealcoating Company put the finishing touches on brand-new pickle ball courts.
Super Seal Sealcoating Company - Payroll
A CEO of a consulting group works with a dental practitioner tgo help her business see the potential in its growth.
Straine Dental Consulting - Business Relationships
Developing a Trusting Relationship with Paychex Works in the Long Run
250-1,000+ Employees

“Paychex is able to integrate the unique needs of our dental practices throughout the country in a way that creates a seamless outcome for our clients.”

Olivia Straine, CEO
A dental practice owner works with a patient during a routine checkup.
Straine Dental Consulting - Growth
IBC Messenger manager working at desk
IBC Messenger, Inc. (Spanish)
Paychex Delivers Speedy Payrolls for Courier Service
50-249 Employees

"Paychex tiene esta gran caracteristica procesamiento el mismo dia. Cuando tenga estas emergencias yo puedo procesar la nomina el Viernes … puedo ser el Viernes a las 2 de la tarde, y como tengo pago a pedido, a estos empleados les pagan enseguida. Y eso es un salvavidas para nosotros."

Lily Mesa, CFO
An Ace Handyman Services employee works on some carpentry needs at a house.
Ace Handyman Services - ERTC
An employee at an auto body shop works on  preparing a vehicle to be painted.
Auto Shop - Body Repair and Painting
Paychex Offers Solutions for Auto Body Shop Franchisee to Customize
50-249 Employees

"In order for my business to do well, I basically have to pay lots of attention to the quality, the training, the employees. So, considering all of this, I am very happy I am with Paychex because they are making it easy for me."

Rom Hashemi, Multi-Unit Franchisee