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The Verve Partnership redesigned a building at the University at Buffalo.
The Verve Partnership - Kelly Ennis

Client Testimonials

The Verve Partnership Thrives on Creative Energy to Build on Success

Founder and Managing Partner Kelly Ennis encountered challenges as a woman in business, but capitalized on her strengths and those of her associates to make The Verve stand out in the interior architectural design field. To free up time from the day-to-day administration of payroll and more so she could work on her business, Ennis turned to Paychex.

Featured Stories

  • Testimonial from ABA Services
    Treasure Coast ABA Services
    Overcoming Challenge of Transitioning Workforce
    1-9 Employees

    “We needed a benefits coordinator, we needed someone to explain things to us. We needed people who were going to hold our hand through this process and really make it OK for our people."

  • Dan Banaitis is co-founder and program director for Building Bridges Program in Los Angeles, California.
    Building Bridges Program
    Personalized Service Validates Switching Providers
    10-49 Employees

    “I knew I was going to (choose) Paychex where I was being heard more about what my needs were.”

  • CEO of HYPE Counseling Services
    H.Y.P.E. Counseling Services
    The H.Y.P.E. is Real
    50-249 Employees

    “When we looked at Paychex, we wanted to look at a system that not only encompasses what we needed but where we wanted to go.”


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The HR VP of Vienna Beef speaks about the help Paychex provides to the business.
Vienna Beef (HR, Compliance, Engagement)
Food Manufacturer Finds HR, Compliance Combo a Win-Win
250-1,000+ Employees

"When you're working in the field of human resources, you're working with people. So, it's very important that we treat everyone working at Vienna Beef as if they are part of our own family ....

Jane Lustig, VP of Human Resources
An employee at Discover Senior Living helps to residents with their meals.
Discovery Senior Living (HR)
Senior Living Group Builds Upon Paychex and Community Relationships
250-1,000+ Employees

"My primary point person at Paychex is our Executive Relationship Manager. She's truly my lifeline ... She's very customer service focused. This allows me to focus on the strategic parts of HR where I can be working with community leaders on retention and recruiting."  

Lisa Lacy, Senior VP of HR
A new employee works on his phone to onboard himself.
MOL Logistics (Onboarding)
HR Manager Demonstrates How Paychex Flex® Makes Onboarding Easy
50-249 Employees

"My biggest business challenge as far as onboarding goes is the fact that I have 11 different offices. So, when it comes time for me to actually onboard a new hire ... it's as simple as letting them know Paychex is our vendor and right away there is a credibility factor with that candidate."

Santiago Jara, HR Manager
mol logistics thumbnail
MOL Logistics - Time and Attendance
Client Shows How to Free Up Time with TAA Hack in Paychex Flex®
50-249 Employees

"Having them be able to access Paychex Flex® through the website and then being able to click-in, clock-out, check their timecards, that for me was the biggest challenge prior to using this system ... Now, I can see all of that on the back end, and it's very useful to me." 

— Santiago Jara, HR Manager
An employee works with a resident of a senior living community.
Discovery Senior Living (PEO)
Senior Living Communities Discover How Paychex PEO Supports Growth
250-1,000+ Employees

“When we acquire a new community, continuity in the team members is very critical to the residents, so it’s very critical for us to ensure … all these team members are enrolled in a payroll system, signed up for their benefits, get their 401(k).”

Lisa Lacy, Senior Vice President of HR
An employee of Specialized Accounting Services works on her computer
Specialized Accounting Services (HR Services)
Greg Duffy poses outside his fleet of trucks for his SuperSeal Sealcoating business.
Super Seal Sealcoating Company - ERTC
Transparency and Ease Seal the Deal for Client on Using ERTC Service
10-49 Employees

"It was pretty easy as long as I had Paychex as my payroll company... They had the numbers. They came in, explained the costs, and explained what they were going to do. I had to supply my quarters for three years, which was pretty easy to do."

Greg Duffy, Owner
Employees of Super Seal Sealcoating Company put the finishing touches on brand-new pickle ball courts.
Super Seal Sealcoating Company - Payroll
Getting Payroll Right Earns Seal of Approval from Long-Time Client
10-49 Employees

"We thought about doing our own payroll … and it would take maybe 5 to 7 hours …. With state and federal rules constantly changing, it would be difficult to keep up on … and I don’t want to make a mistake with my payroll … I want to get my workers paid and paid right."

Greg Duffy, Owner
A CEO of a consulting group works with a dental practitioner tgo help her business see the potential in its growth.
Straine Dental Consulting - Business Relationships
Developing a Trusting Relationship with Paychex Works in the Long Run
250-1,000+ Employees

“Paychex is able to integrate the unique needs of our dental practices throughout the country in a way that creates a seamless outcome for our clients.”

Olivia Straine, CEO
A dental practice owner works with a patient during a routine checkup.
Straine Dental Consulting - Growth
Consulting Group Manages to Adapt and Grow with Purpose
250-1,000+ Employees

“It’s important to understand what you believe in, where you’re going, what you represent, what you care about because you’re going to attract those same people to join you on this journey.”

Olivia Straine, CEO