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a healthcare worker using paychex for hr and payroll
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HR and Payroll For Healthcare Businesses

Focus on delivering quality care to your patients – and allow our solutions to help you alleviate staff burnout, control rising operating costs, and simplify HR and payroll tasks.

Simplified Payroll for Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare payroll can be a headache. Our technology can help take the pain away.

  • Our mobile app gives employees 24/7 access to their payroll information, helping to create a well-informed workforce
  • Pay-on-Demand offers access to wages as they are earned, which can demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ work/life balance
  • Allow your employees to review and confirm wages with Paychex Pre-Check to help resolve potential issues prior to processing payroll
Paychex Flex payroll overview video
Payroll Overview

Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

Employee Benefits

Improve Employee Well-Being

We can help you offer comprehensive healthcare benefits, such as retirement plans and medical insurance, to retain your best and brightest staff.

a female employee using voluntary benefits insurance for her vision exam
HR Administration

Save Time and Cut Costs

Time spent on HR administration costs an average of $409,488 per healthcare company annually*. Our tools can help simplify administrative tasks weighing you down so you can focus on the big picture.

business owner reviewing their analytics dashboard on flex
Time and Attendance

Accurate and Flexible

You need a solution to keep up with a workforce that may work around the clock. We have modern time tracking options that integrate with payroll, so you save time on manual entry.

scheduling and time tracking feature on paychex flex
Hiring and Onboarding

Create A Positive Experience

Our single system allows you to post jobs, hire talent, and onboard them electronically. You can save time, and your new employee can start with confidence.

Employee signing documents through Paychex Flex
New Hire Onboarding

Reduce Risk With Confidence

Stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape with our compliance support. That way, you can reduce the likelihood of incurring potential fines.

The Paychex HR Library helps you stay compliant with changing regulations
Paychex HR Library Overview

An All-In-One Solution

Our fully integrated HR platform, Paychex Flex®, plays a critical role in human resource management in healthcare by simplifying tasks like scheduling or creating safety programs for OHSA compliance. This can allow your management team to spend more time running your facility efficiently.

Paychex Flex mobile app for employers and employees
Manage HR, Payroll, Benefits and More

Tools to Attract and Retain Talent

The number one operational challenge for business owners in this industry is staffing*. And because solutions for human resources in healthcare aren’t all created equal, choose our technology to help.  

flex reports dashboard

Podiatry Care of Maine Stays One Step Ahead With Paychex

The small practice Podiatry Care of Maine found its footing through Paychex's payroll solutions. When they chose to modernize their payroll system, they saved time on processing and were worry-free on payday. Now, they can focus on what matters: caring for patients.

Podiatry Care of Maine
Podiatry Care of Maine

“We have always been resistant to using a payroll company because we are a smaller business. But the benefit is tremendous in the amount of time we save.”

Francine Hicks
Office Manager
Podiatry Care of Maine

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