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An employee tracking his work hours

Workforce Management Software & WFM Solutions

Accurately track employee time, attendance, and scheduling to help your organization increase productivity while also keeping costs low.

Workforce Management Can Help You Avoid Spikes in Labor Costs & Staffing Shortages

A WFM Solution should help your business increase employee satisfaction, ramp up productivity, and eliminate unnecessary administrative work by:

  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Forecasting labor requirements
  • Creating and managing staff schedules
Notifications sent to an employee to let them know about a shift change

Reimagine Workforce Management with Paychex

Seamless Integration and Automation

Paychex offers a scalable solution that provides a holistic approach to workforce management. Unlike competitors with limited offerings, our WFM software integrates and automates: time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, payroll, and more.

User-Friendly Technology

Our WFM software features an intuitive interface and straightforward functionality, helping increase the adoption rate among employees, as well as their satisfaction levels. Ensuring that your team has an easy-to-use system can also be a simple way to show your business is invested in its employees and make their jobs easier.

Self-Service Capabilities

Paychex Flex, our fully integrated technology, empowers employees to initiate a variety of self-service functions, such as time tracking, time off requests, Paychex Pre-Checksm to verify accurate pay, and more. With the Paychex Flex App, employees can access these features where and when they need with a smartphone or tablet.

Support When You Need It

Get answers to your important questions from U.S.-based specialists in HR, payroll, and compliance through the Paychex Flex platform, by phone, or by chat — right when you need it, 24/7.

Give Your Workers and Managers the Tools They Need

Client Testimonial: How Paychex Has Transformed Workforce Management for Our Customers

When Jason Himber joined Easy Speech Therapy Center, the organization was entirely paper-based, including paper-based HR files, time tracking, and PTO requests.

Making the switch to a workforce management software that fits their needs has saved the organization time and reduced errors.

Jason Himber
Jason Himber | Easy Speech

“We’re getting much more accurate records and better time keeping for our people. That was one of the deciding factors of why we chose to move to Paychex.”

Jason Himber
Easy Speech Therapy Center

Manage Costs, Streamline Scheduling, & Stay Compliant

Successful workforce management software streamlines processes, like employee scheduling and time off requests, while also providing accurate data to help keep expenditures low and ensure regulatory compliance.

Looking at time budgeted vs the actual time employees worked

Workforce Management (WFM) Software FAQs

  • Why Is Workforce Management Important?

    Why Is Workforce Management Important?

    Effective workforce management can significantly lower labor costs, while also boosting employee performance, empowering them to do their best work. It also helps businesses make more informed and strategic decisions.

  • Is Workforce Management Part of HR?

    Is Workforce Management Part of HR?

    Yes. Workforce management is an important part of any business’s HR strategy and incorporates many essential functions such as time and attendance, payroll accuracy, regulatory compliance, and more.

  • What Are the Objectives of Workforce Management?

    What Are the Objectives of Workforce Management?

    Put simply, workforce management helps businesses optimize productivity, while controlling labor costs. In order to achieve this goal, many organizations enable workforce management solutions that help to avoid staffing shortages and unnecessary overtime pay, reduce turnover and compliance violations, as well as offer a wide-range of employee self-service options that increase productivity and engagement.

  • How Do You Implement Workforce Management?

    How Do You Implement Workforce Management?

    When implementing a workforce management solution there are three things to consider:

    • Look for a reliable, trusted provider who will help you take full advantage of your WFM solution. A good vendor will support your organization’s successful adoption of the software and continually be a learning resource.
    • Select a WFM software that integrates with other functions in your organization. By integrating HR and payroll systems, companies can connect time and pay to employees, using these elements to help manage performance, productivity, and engagement.
    • Consider a platform that will scale with your business. Choose a system that you can grow into, rather than one which requires you to get more than you need upfront. A scalable platform will also allow your organization to utilize it for the long-term, as you and your employees will be able to stay with a WFM solution they know how to use and is reliable.

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