Haven't Received Your W-2?

My former employer hasn’t sent me my W-2 yet, and Paychex prepared my checks. Can you send me my W-2?

Paychex is unable to provide you with your W-2 for the following reasons:

  • Our contract is with your employer and we can only take action at the direction of your employer.
  • The law states that it is the employer's responsibility to provide W-2s to employees.
  • It’s your employer’s responsibility to verify that all documents generated by Paychex represent the wages you actually received. Paychex has no way to verify this information.

How can I have my W-2 sent to me?

Our general suggestions are:

  • Make every attempt to contact your employer.
  • Try to locate your last pay stub because it could be helpful.
  • If it's after mid-February, you can contact the IRS for instructions on how to proceed. Use the phone number in your Form 1040 booklet, or call 1-800-829-1040.

The IRS will offer to complete a form and send it to your employer requesting that a W-2 be sent to you. To do this, the IRS will need the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and social security number.
  • Your employer's name, address, and phone number.
  • Dates of your employment within the tax year.
  • Your year-to-date estimate of wages earned.
  • Your year-to-date estimate of federal income tax withheld.

If your employer does not respond to this request, the IRS will issue you a substitute Form W-2 based on the information you've provided them. You can then use this form to complete your personal tax return.