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Employee Screening Services and Background Checks

Paychex Employee Screening Services can help your business find qualified candidates, save time and money, and help you hire with more confidence. Plus, with the Paychex Flex® Hiring integration you can recruit, screen, and hire employees from the same platform. And once they’re onboarded, Paychex Flex makes it easy to pay them.

What Are Employment Screening Services?

Employment screening services help confirm applicant background information to help increase confidence in your candidate selection during the hiring process.

  • Background checks
  • Drug testing
  • Quick turnaround
  • Secure, 24/7 access to results
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Elevate Your Employment Screening Program

When you’re ready to conduct background checks, Paychex Employee Screening Services deliver comprehensive, customizable solutions to meet your evolving needs. With these solutions, you can have peace of mind while you focus on productivity improvements and building your business.

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Consider Your Company’s Reputation

A mistake in hiring due to a lack of proper pre-employment screening could cost you more than just the time you spent recruiting, interviewing, and training an individual. There can be financial implications, liability issues, and potential damage to the reputation of your business. Our thorough services can help you save more than just money.

Paychex offers multiple subscription packages for its employee screening service. A subscription allows your business to plan and budget for screening services and offers a discount over a-la-carte pricing.

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Consider Other Tools To Enhance Employee Onboarding

Employees need to know workplace policies, safety regulations they must follow, and much more. Paychex Flex Hiring can help you to ensure all of this company-specific information is available for new employees, consistent, and housed in a central online location.

Paychex Employment Screening FAQs

  • What Is a Paychex Employee Screening Services Background Check?

    What Is a Paychex Employee Screening Services Background Check?

    A Paychex Employee Screening Services background check can be conducted following a conditional job offer that has been made and accepted. This can help give employers the confidence that they have made the right choice.

  • What Is Included in Background Check Services?

    What Is Included in Background Check Services?

    A background check may involve searching and verifying the candidate’s job history, qualifications, experience, education, and references. There are additional options available for a more thorough check depending on your business needs, regulations, and requirements. These include searching the national criminal database, Social Security number verification, national sex-offender registry, motor vehicle reports, and more.

  • How Can Employment Background Checks Benefit an Employer?

    How Can Employment Background Checks Benefit an Employer?

    Background checks help verify candidate information and qualifications and can potentially reduce employee turnover and the related costs of making a poor hire. Additionally, they can help limit the exposure of the business to claims of negligent hiring practices.

  • What Is the Most Common Background Check for Employment?

    What Is the Most Common Background Check for Employment?

    Depending on where your business operates and the nature of the position, many types of employment background checks may be available for employers. Among the most common ones include identity verification, reference checks, criminal history search, credit reports, driving record checks, and fingerprint background checks.

  • How Do Companies Verify Employment History?

    How Do Companies Verify Employment History?

    When an employer plans to extend a job offer to a job candidate, they will often conduct an employment history verification with the candidate’s consent. This process involves contacting each workplace listed on the person’s resume. The purpose of this step is to confirm that the applicant was employed there, check what the applicant's job title was while there, and verify their dates of employment. In most cases, previous employers may not share sensitive information, such as health data or the candidate’s salary and earnings history.

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