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Group Health Insurance Plans

A group health insurance policy makes sense now more than ever. You can:

  • Make healthcare affordable for employees and their families
  • Attract and retain quality employees
  • Enjoy tax savings

Employer Advantages of Group Health Insurance Plans


Save Time and Money

Integrate your group health plan with Paychex payroll through Paychex Flex®, our all-in-one benefits, payroll, and HR software solution. This may eliminate data entry errors, reduce administrative costs, and save time transferring data between systems.

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Employee Self Service

Easy Enrollment in One Place

We help enroll your employees, communicate with insurance carriers, initiate payroll deductions, and simplify plan management through our benefits administration platform, FlockSM, within Paychex Flex. Our secure mobile app lets employees find what they need in real time.

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Communicate Information Clearly

Flock has in-app tutorials, pop-up suggestions, and push notifications for employees to enhance your benefits communication plan. Our technology lets employees make informed decisions about their health plans.

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Employer Support

Licensed Agents Can Help

Our licensed agents will explain the different group health insurance plans and show you a comparison to help you decide. We also have dedicated insurance specialists who’ll coordinate with your carrier and provide support.

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ACA Reporting

Fulfill Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements

Our group health insurance solutions can help you meet the often complex reporting requirements of the ACA, from helping to assess coverage adequacy and form submission to updates on rule changes.

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Benefits Made Simple

Take the complexities out of managing benefits through Flock Benefits Administration within Paychex Flex – for you and your employees:

  • Intuitive, mobile-friendly experience
  • Employees can enroll in minutes
  • View coverages and make changes
  • Benefits dashboard for easy tracking and customizing reports

Affordable Group Health Plans for Your Employees

Group Health Insurance Administration FAQs

  • What Is a Group Health Plan?

    What Is a Group Health Plan?

    A group health insurance plan is an employee benefit plan established by a business for its employees or an organization for its members (such as a union). Group health coverage provides health insurance for participants directly or through insurance reimbursement. Offering group insurance for a small business can help attract and retain a higher caliber of employees and provide tax savings.

  • What Are Examples of Group Health Plans?

    What Are Examples of Group Health Plans?

    There are many types of group health plans offered to provide health insurance coverage to employees, such as:

    • A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is where the enrolled individual must select a primary care physician (PCP) within a select network. These individuals will typically need a referral from a PCP to see specialists but may have lower out-of-pocket costs.
    • A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which offers greater convenience and flexibility in choosing providers. Individuals enrolled in this plan can see both in-network and out-of-network providers but generally pay less when using in-network services.

    Other types of group medical insurance include an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and a High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP).

  • How Many Employees Do You Need To Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

    How Many Employees Do You Need To Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

    Typically, at least two, including the owner. However, requirements for group health insurance for small businesses (or large businesses) may vary across carriers and states. It is best to consult with your insurance carrier to determine the number of employees required for group health insurance.  

  • What Is Included in Group Health Care Benefits?

    What Is Included in Group Health Care Benefits?

    A group health insurance plan covers specific medical expenses for you and your participating employees. Group dental, vision plans, and other voluntary insurance are offered separately.

  • How Do Group Insurance Policies Work?

    How Do Group Insurance Policies Work?

    Group health plans provide a mechanism for employers to offer employees comprehensive health coverage. Depending on the type of plan, employers can leverage the buying power of the group, negotiating better rates and plans for employees. The employer’s risk is spread out throughout the policyholders, and the cost of premiums is typically shared between the employer (plan sponsor) and the members of the plan (employees). Group health insurance can be less expensive than an individual buying in the marketplace.

  • What Is the Difference Between Group Insurance and Individual Plans?

    What Is the Difference Between Group Insurance and Individual Plans?

    Group insurance plans cover groups of two or more people, which may include an employer, two or more employees, and their families. Individual insurance is a health plan that covers a single person, with an option to add coverage for that person's eligible family members. If the business consists only of a single consultant, freelancer, or sole proprietor, individual insurance may provide necessary medical coverage in a situation where group health coverage may not be available. Individual policies can also be tailored to the individual employee's needs, and employees can shop around for their ideal individual health insurance provider instead of using one chosen by their employer.

  • How Do I Choose the Right Group Health Insurance for Employees?

    How Do I Choose the Right Group Health Insurance for Employees?

    When choosing a group health insurance plan, value and cost are among the most critical factors. While health insurance costs can be a significant item on your benefits budget, this and other employee benefits can go a long way toward attracting and retaining a quality workforce. Do your research, compare multiple insurance carriers, and look for factors such as:

    • Insurance carrier options and plans offered by each
    • A range of insurance plan options that provide the best balance of coverage and affordability
    • Co-pay, prescription, hospitalization, and other additional options to the insurance plan (remember that the more coverage you choose, the higher the premium)
  • Why Is Group Health Insurance Cheaper Than Individual?

    Why Is Group Health Insurance Cheaper Than Individual?

    With an individual health insurance policy, a covered individual pays for 100% of their own premiums. On the other hand, employers and employees can share group health insurance costs, with employers covering some or all of the premium costs for a single employee and their spouse and dependents. The risk is also spread across more people for group health insurance policies. This can yield lower premiums.

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