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Paychex Flex® Onboarding Overview

Employee Onboarding Software 

Streamlining the onboarding process saves time, helps reduce the chance of missed steps or errors, and shows that you respect your new hire's time. By onboarding and introducing your company and culture with the tools in Paychex Flex®, you'll eliminate stacks of paperwork, replacing it with a streamlined online experience for new hires.

What You Get With Employee Onboarding Software


Eliminate the paper and speed up the onboarding process for new hires. Online forms and a streamlined system give new employees a quicker, more user-friendly experience.

Mobile Access

Mobile and laptop access to onboarding materials provides an efficient way for new hires to review checklists and complete necessary forms.

A Paperless Process

Save time and quickly verify that your new hire has completed the required online forms with paperless onboarding. The new hire paperwork includes Forms I-9 and W-4, state withholding forms, direct deposit authorization, and more.

Simplify Your Onboarding Process

Successful onboarding is about efficiency and making a good first impression. The benefits of using onboarding tools for new hires can include:

  • Easy-to-complete online forms, including Forms I-9 and W-4.
  • Mobile or laptop access to complete onboarding checklist and forms.
  • New-hire information related to specific training, policies, and procedures they need to be successful in their new job.
  • Increased information security and backup protection for sensitive employee data.
  • Automated form collection.
  • Elimination of paper and costs associated with storing documents.
  • Greater efficiency transitioning new hires into company benefit programs.
  • Automatic data sharing across HR teams (time and attendance, payroll) eliminates time-consuming manual entry.

What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software provides a central online location for employers to communicate with new hires, assign onboarding tasks, and introduce them to your business. Employees can use the HR onboarding software to complete required paperwork and training, and access other information related to the company and their new position. HR teams and supervisors can view and track the progress of new team members as they complete various aspects of the onboarding process.

Online Employee Onboarding Software Saves Time and Helps Eliminate Mistakes

Given the time and resources it takes to recruit and hire, a new employee's first impression is crucial. Any misstep in the onboarding process can dampen the new hire's experience, leading to low morale and engagement as well as decreased productivity. Effective onboarding solutions streamline many tasks for new employees, help keep lines of communication open, and convey that your business values the new hire's time.

Welcome New Employees More Efficiently

  • Paperless Onboarding Solution

    Paperless Onboarding Solution

    With their Paychex Flex login, new employees can securely sign all required new-hire documents.

  • Candidate-Friendly Portals

    Candidate-Friendly Portals

    Our secure portal allows your new hire to save in-progress forms, so they can come back to the onboarding process where they left off without starting over.

  • All-in-One Onboarding Services

    All-in-One Onboarding Services

    Store onboarding documents such as company policies, employee handbooks, and government forms that need to be reviewed and signed by employees. With a click of a button, employees can easily reference their documents and forms within the Paychex software.

  • Ready to Go

    Ready to Go

    Paychex Flex Onboarding creates a new employee record, so your new hire is in your human resource information system and on your payroll.

Help Avoid Fines with E-Verify 

With the potential fines associated with non-compliance or missing Form I-9, you will want to make sure all your new hires — both onsite and offsite — complete required documents on their first day of work. E-Verify helps you save time and eliminate the potential for manual errors.  Once the Form I-9 online is completed, the data can be sent to the E-Verify system.

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