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Expense Report & Management Software

Evolve your expense reporting beyond simple tracking and reimbursement. Integrated with Paychex Flex®, our software allows you to:

  • Manage expenses seamlessly, from point of purchase to employee reimbursement
  • Control and reduce discretionary employee spending
  • Gain insights into spending behavior to better manage costs

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Discover the Power of Expense Management Software

Get better visibility into your company policies and spending behaviors while saving time and money.

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Submit Expenses from Anywhere

Employees can submit their expense reports and get reimbursed from anywhere, with any device. Customize the solution to automatically populate data from sources such as airline, car, and hotel itineraries; personal and corporate credit card transactions; checking accounts; and scanned receipts.

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Enforce Spending Policies

Eliminate excessive spending by monitoring and communicating expense activities in real time. Expense limits and policies are built right into the system, so business travelers will know immediately when their expense report doesn’t comply, with alerts for expenses that violate expense limits and policies.

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Works with most major credit cards, is integrated with Paychex Flex, and can be configured to meet the needs of your business.

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Easy Approvals

Managers can review expense reports without any paperwork and approve requests with a single click. Most expenses can even be preapproved based on the rules you define in the system, and violations of your expense policy are clearly highlighted for easy adjustment or removal. 

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Reporting and Analytics

Gain visibility into your company’s spending with detailed reports and analytics, so you can uncover opportunities to reduce expenses and negotiate better rates from suppliers. 

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Quick Reimbursement

Our cloud-based, automatic expense management software feeds into Paychex Flex and can be accessed with one click, helping you shave hours off your company’s reimbursement process and cut down on data entry. 

How It Works

Paychex Flex Expense Management is user-friendly, can be configured to meet the needs of both large and small organizations, and has a 99.9% uptime rating. It’s simple:

  • Submit


    Capture and upload receipts any time, from any device

  • Review


    Notify managers via email or cell phone for easy approval

  • Reimburse


    Pay employees by check or direct deposit

  • Analyze


    Monitor company expenses and spending trends

  • Comply


    Flow data automatically into payroll or accounting systems– no extra work for your finance team

 Features and Functionality that Simplify Expenses

Easy and Accurate Expense Reporting

Paychex expense management software integrates with systems you already use.

Personal and Corporate Credit Cards

Our software works with all supported credit cards, along with most banks.

Travel Platform Service Providers

Automatically pull data from itineraries into Paychex Flex when employees books travel or lodging.

Accounting and Payroll Systems

Reimburse employees through direct deposit via ACH, payroll processing, or accounts payable.

Ensure Policy Compliance

Our software prevents employees from submitting expenses without required information.

Monitor for Trends

Get better visibility into spending behaviors with a wealth of comprehensive charts, graphs, and custom reports.

Expense Management Software FAQ 

  • What Is Expense Report Software?

    What Is Expense Report Software?

    Expense management is the process a business uses to manage and track business travel and employee spending. When done manually, expense management requires reviewing and repaying employees as individual expenses come in, which can be time-consuming. Instead, expense report software automates the process, and can help enforce spending policies and plan for future expenses.

  • How Do Expense Reports Work?

    How Do Expense Reports Work?

    With Paychex Flex, expense reporting works in just a few simple steps:

    1. After a purchase is made, an employee uploads the receipt from any device.
    2. The system sends the employee’s manager a notification to approve the expense.
    3. Once approved, the manager can choose to pay employees by check or direct deposit.
    4. Data flows automatically into your accounting or payroll system, which is helpful for recordkeeping purposes when it comes time to complete business taxes.
  • What Should an Expense Report Include?

    What Should an Expense Report Include?

    A complete expense report includes information about the employee submitting the report (i.e. employee ID number, department, cost center), as well as an itemized list of each purchase:

    • When and where the purchase was made
    • A brief description of the expense
    • A copy of a receipt that matches the information provided about the expense
  • How Do I Prepare an Expense Report?

    How Do I Prepare an Expense Report?

    An expense report can be created directly within the Paychex Flex platform. Receipts can be uploaded and attached to the expense report from any device, and the complete expense report can be submitted for approval from the Paychex Flex platform. You can also choose to auto-populate data from itineraries, personal and corporate credit card transactions, and checking accounts.

  • How Do You Review Expense Reports?

    How Do You Review Expense Reports?

    Paychex Flex allows you to review expense reports directly within the platform. An approval can be made with one click, and rules can even be set up for preapprovals for future expenses.

  • What Are the Tasks of Expense Management?

    What Are the Tasks of Expense Management?

    Typically, these tasks include creating an expense report that lists all applicable expenses that need to be reimbursed. Then, the report is submitted for approval by the creator, which is then reviewed for approval by an administrator. Finally, once expenses have been approved, the employee is reimbursed for their expenses.

  • What Is Expense Strategy?

    What Is Expense Strategy?

    An expense strategy is a plan for managing business expenses to maximize efficiency, allowing you to track and monitor expenses in real-time. It also includes spending limits, preventing fraud and misuse of company funds. A good expense strategy allows you to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs and establish a procedure for approving regular expenses. This helps ensure expense reports are accurate so that reimbursements are correct and distributed quickly.

  • How Do You Manage Expense Reports?

    How Do You Manage Expense Reports?

    Expense reports are typically managed by an administrator who reviews the reports for any errors and then approves or denies the report. Once approved, the report is submitted for reimbursement and the employee is sent payment. Also, expense reports across an entire organization are routinely analyzed to identify any spending trends that may or may not necessitate action by management.

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