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Expense report software

Reimburse employees fast

Streamline your expense management

Managing business expenses used to mean two things: spreadsheets and paper receipts. Tedious and prone to error, smart companies are replacing this manual method with more effective, paperless solutions.

Paychex expense report software can save your company time and money by automating expense management. Our employee expense management software can help you control and reduce discretionary employee spending, while giving you the visibility and communication tools necessary to understand and manage company policies and spending behavior.

  • Find ways to save on reimbursement costs

    Get the access and analytics you need to better manage your travel spending while uncovering new opportunities for savings.

  • Cut down on data entry

    Import expense data directly into your general ledger and accounting software to save time on data entry and improve accuracy.

  • Reduce administrative overhead

    Take a big step toward eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets and paper receipts by automating expense reporting online.

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What you get with Paychex expense management & reporting software

  • Cloud-based expense reporting system
  • Expense report submission from anywhere, on any device
  • Automatic expense reporting
  • Alerts for expenses that violate expense limits and policies
  • One-click manager approval
  • The ability to set rules for pre-approvals
  • Reporting and analytics on your company’s spending

Take more control over your company’s expenses

  • Quickly reimburse employees

    Our expense management software works easily with your general ledger and accounting software. Compared to entering expense data by hand into a spreadsheet, we can help shave hours off your company’s reimbursement process.

  • Simplify expense reviews and approvals

    Managers can review expense reports without any paperwork and approve requests with a single click. Most expenses can even be pre-approved based on the rules you define in the system, and violations of your expense policy are clearly highlighted for easy adjustment or removal.

  • Enforce spending policies

    Eliminate excessive spending by monitoring and communicating expense activities in real time. Business travelers will know immediately when their expense report does not comply, because the expense limits and policies are built right into the system.

  • Analyze spending trends

    Gain visibility into your company’s spending with detailed analytics, so you can uncover opportunities to reduce expenses and negotiate better rates from suppliers.

  • Submit expense reports from anywhere

    Employees can submit their expense reports and get reimbursed from anywhere, with any device. Customize the solution to automatically populate data from sources such as:

    • Airline, car, and hotel itineraries
    • Personal and corporate credit card transactions
    • Checking accounts
    • Scanned receipts

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