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HR and Payroll for Restaurants and Hospitality Businesses

We understand you probably work long hours, move between multiple stores, and manage a high turnover rate. Our solutions can help leaders like you move responsibilities off your plate – not add to it.

Payroll for Restaurants

The restaurant payroll process can be complicated. We have the features that can help.

  • Our specialists may be able to help you find available business tax credits to save your business thousands of dollars in tax payments
  • Easy-to-use reports can help you to track overtime hours and better ensure payment occurs accordingly
  • Paycheck Pre-CheckSM allows employees to preview their paycheck and report issues before payday
  • Pay-on-Demand can offer convenience and flexibility to your staff
Paychex Flex for restaurant and hospitality video cover
Paychex Flex for Restaurants & Hospitality

Solutions With Your Business in Mind

Employee Benefits

Offer More To Keep Top Talent

Traditional offerings, such as medical insurance coverage and 401(k) plans, paired with benefit options for part-time employees can help retain a more transient workforce.

a female employee using voluntary benefits insurance for her vision exam
Business Insurance

Protection for Your Business, Property, and Employees

Restaurant insurance is critical to help protect your establishment from potential liability claims, property damage, and employee injuries.

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Time and Attendance

One System for a Seamless Experience

Track employee time across multiple devices and locations, with hours flowing seamlessly into payroll.

Clocking out of work with a smart watch
Hiring and Onboarding

Start on the Right Foot

Easily post jobs online and utilize our applicant tracking systems to help trim paperwork and quickly staff your business. We also offer electronic onboarding to help save you time and give your new hires a positive experience from day one.

paychex flex hiring and onboarding experience on mobile

Stay Ahead of Changing Regulations

Paychex can help you keep up with complex federal, state, and local wage and hour laws, helping to mitigate the risk of fines and penalties.

Employee evaluating the cost of non-compliance

POS Systems For Restaurants

Our POS system helps restaurant and hospitality users run their businesses more efficiently. It’s a management system that can streamline day-to-day operations with a low entry cost and scalable technology.

manager calculating gross income while customers queuing to order at a coffee shop counter

An All-In-One Solution

Our study found that more than one in four hospitality business leaders spend 16+ hours per week on HR administration*.

Paychex’s all-in-one platform can provide hospitality and restaurant payroll services while simplifying HR tasks like benefits administration and new hire training. Spend more time interacting with patrons than sifting through paperwork in a back office.

Paychex Flex mobile app for employers and employees
Manage HR, Payroll, Benefits and More

Relieve Business Stress with the Right Service

The owners of Balagio Ristorante dedicated too much time to administrative tasks rather than what really mattered – making customers happy with their food rooted in family tradition. They chose Paychex for payroll and discovered a valuable ally that not only kept them informed on changing regulations but also assisted them in reaching their goals every week between two locations.

Balagio Ristorante
Balagio Ristorante

“There was a lot of paperwork, worrying about tax codes, and a lot of office hours taking up my time. Now Paychex helps us manage our cash flow.”

Mike Galaderio
SR, Owner
Balagio Ristorante

What Our Clients Say

  • “It’s extremely hard to get EPLI insurance on our own, and [Paychex] can provide us with this insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance at a great rate."

    — Frank H.

  • A PEO can provide all the services that are needed to operate my company, in one package. Therefore, the company can save money by not having to hire additional employees to do the same work.

    — Monika G.

  • Paychex offers expertise in HR & Benefits administration that we would not be readily available to handle on our own. The team provides relevant and timely information on regulatory requirements, efficient payroll processing, and a cost-effective benefit program, which allows us to focus on what we do best.

    — Patti L.

  • The Paychex team of payroll and HR specialists played a critical role in getting our business off the ground and allowed us to focus on our core operations without having to compromise any of our key HR functions. They have been very responsive to all our questions, which has paved the way to getting our payroll administration and compliance assistance streamlined and efficient.

    — David A.

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