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Business Expense Calculator

Ever find yourself asking "Just how much are we spending?" Use this simple business expense calculator to help you organize spending in one place.

  • Begin with the "overhead expenses" tab and enter your best estimation of the costs in that area.
  • In the "Labor Expense" tab, enter your business' data down the first column, labeled "Min Per Week" with the number of minutes you or your administrator/office manager spends on these business tasks. The business expense calculator will automatically calculate out the rest of the columns.
  • In the third column, you'll see your totals from the other two tabs tallied, giving you an educated estimation of your annual costs.

To learn more about reducing business expenses, like outsourcing payroll administration, contact a Paychex small business specialist.

Annual Costs
Total Annual Overhead Expenses $0.00
Min Per Week
Hours Per Week
Hours X Rate
Annual Rate
Payroll Data Collection
Payroll Adjustment Review
Envelope Shuffling
New Hire and Termination
Data Entry
Produce Reports
Check Distribution
Bank Reconciliation
Inquiries from Employees
Federal & State Deposits
Prepare Fed & State Quarterly
Annual Processing
Government Compliance
Total Annual Labor Expenses $0.00
Total Annual Overhead Expenses
Total Annual Labor Expenses
Total Annual Costs