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I just wanted to take a minute to commend Paychex on the way they handled the PPP reporting for their clients. Paychex made the initial reporting simple by supplying all the needed data. The forgiveness calculator was essential to ease your mind by being able to insert the other expenses related to the 40% loan forgiveness. I also used the forgiveness application as an example for when i had to report to my lender.  I have already pulled the reports for Round 2 of PPP Application process that Paychex supplied and I am ready to go once my lender's portal opens. 

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Bonnie Weissinger, Revest Properties 01/18/2021

All of the payroll specialist assigned to our company have been very helpful, professional, understanding and patient. Each one has been a pleasure to work with. The documents we receive from Paychex are professional and easy to understand. Paychex has made payment on all tax requirements on our companies behalf, they took care of out employees very confusing garnishments on companies behalf on top of doing our payroll. The only thing I have to worry about doing is getting our payroll specialist employee Hrs. when I receive the reminder email.

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Ryann Hudberg, Hedberg Concrete Construction LLC 01/14/2021

Paychx is so diverse in its nature that it gives me an option to maintain strong relationships with the IRS and local agencies so that I can adhere to regulations ahead of the curve. Not only I am managing the pay rolls but I also have the good idea about the employee on boarding and easily can fill the gap by new hiring through recruiting and Applicant Tracking. In addition I am effectively managing the employee benefits which includes insurance, financial wellness etc.

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Jon O, Enterprise (>1000 emp.) 12/29/2020

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