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You Drive Auto dealership with large logo
You Drive Auto

Client Testimonials

HR Support Helps YouDrive Auto Pave a Smoother Road to Success

YouDrive Auto rapidly expanded out of Ohio, creating a few speed bumps for the staff trying to handle payroll and HR in-house. Paychex provided solutions and an HR Professional that helped limit the obstacles around hiring, time, and attendance, payroll, and more so the business could continue to grow.

Featured Stories

  • Paul Bolden, center, celebrates the opening of Bolden Insurance Agency in Dallas, Texas.
    Bolden Insurance Agency
    Owner Shares Benefits That Paychex ERTC Service Provides
    1-9 Employees

    “I did not have a clue as to what (ERTC) was, and I was a little skeptical of it because I thought I was on top of everything …. The impact it will have on my business will be huge and my plans for it are to continue to grow my business ….

  • Jessie Farias Tavera, COO o Plumbing M.D., speaks with her HR Business Partner online.
    Plumbing M.D.
    Paychex PEO Provides Consistency to Become Fixture with Plumbing M.D.
    10-49 Employees

    “With Paychex PEO there is just a huge increase of knowledge (on our part) about best practices for running a business, especially in California where there’s also a lot of compliance and labor laws that seem to change all the time.”

    — Jessie Farias Tavera, COO, Plumbing M.D.

  • A dental practice owner works with a patient during a routine checkup.
    Straine Dental Consulting - Growth



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Employees at Lago 210 handle food prep work in the kitchen.
Lago 210
A Tip from Restaurant Owners: A Retirement Benefit Pays Off Now and in Future
10-49 Employees

“We do care very much about our employees, and we want them to be able to save for the future. But also (use a retirement plan) for recruitment and bringing new employees in.

Employees in the office speak with a colleague on the screen who is working remotely about a marketing strategy.
Mason Marketing LLC/Mason Digital LLC
Developing a Strategic Approach Helps Bridge the Hybrid Work Environment
10-49 Employees

“It was important for us to invest in our workforce. We need to make sure we recruit the best of the best. The programs that Paychex is offering, the strategies they can help us employ, will help us be more competitive in the future.”

— Tim Mason, President and CEO

The Chief Operating Officer demonstrates how easy it is to use a mobile phone to interact with Paychex Flex.
Mason Marketing/Mason Digital
Discover What Efficiency Really Looks Like: Self-Service in Paychex Flex®
10-49 Employees

“We have quite a few employees that are working remote these days and Paychex Flex® really allows them to go in at any time and really check on their payroll, check on their contributions, and really look and make sure that everything is accurate.”

— Terri Cubiotti, COO

Paychex client West Park Animal Hospital
West Park Animal Hospital
Providing Solutions That Engage Employees Unleashes Their Potential
50-249 Employees

Paychex helps us with so many services. My HR Business Partner has been super helpful with situations I’ve never had to deal with before, so it really helped guide us to make educated decisions based on our own culture and organization.”

Jason Eller, HR Manager,
Case Study
How Cecil College Improved Their Benefits Communication With Flock’s Robust Benefits Administration Platform
250-1,000+ Employees

Cecil College was dealing with a lot of paperwork, having to make changes for employees and having to explain their benefits offerings on an individual basis. This proved to be a very time consuming process and occasionally prone to errors.

View from an office patio of one of the designs by The verve Partnership
The Verve Partnership
Time Saved with Paychex Flex® Leads to Opportunities for More Creativity
1-9 Employees

“In working with Paychex, it has given me the freedom to work on the business knowing that our payroll is being taken care of and being managed day to day, and I don’t have to worry about it, which is beautiful.”

Kelly Ennis, Founder and Managing Principal

Stephen Lutter owns an Ace Handyman Services franchise in Buffalo, New York.
Ace Handyman Services - Buffalo
Ace Handyman Services Franchisee Finds HR Tools to Build with Paychex
10-49 Employees

“What struck me is (Paychex) listened to what I actually needed and not just giving me cookie-cutter solutions. I believe if you can’t do something at an exceptional rate, then outsource it. And that’s precisely what we do with our payroll and HR support.”
Case Study
Paychex PEO Provides Time to Work on Your Business, Not In It
10-49 Employees

Plumbing Doctor was spending too much time tracking down information on how new regulations could impact their business and doing research to get answers for their HR questions. Working with Paychex PEO provides them with 80 hours a month to focus on growing their business.

Plumbing MD
Plumbing M.D.
Employees All In on Retirement Plans at Plumbing M.D.
10-49 Employees

“We feel like having the PEO partnership has helped us provide our employees with an experience that they probably won't get at other similar types of employers. That has been very helpful for retention and it's been a very positive and beneficial feature for everybody."

Little Caesars - Feghali Foods - Multi-Unit Franchisee
Little Caesars – Feghali Foods – Multi-Unit Franchisee
Onboarding Services Help Little Caesars Franchisee Hire for the Future
250-1,000+ Employees

“Being able to promote the jobs that we have with the different platforms that Paychex has, to get our jobs out there and recruit more people, they’ve made the onboarding process a lot easier for us to hire as quickly as possible.”

–Hunter Garrett, Feghali Foods