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Client Testimonials


Joslyn, Paychex Human Resource Consultant
Calming fears during COVID-19

“My client was able to ensure a safe environment for all employees who continued to come to work, but also to provide some relief for the employee quarantining at home.”

10-49 Employees
Cottrell Paper Co testimonial for Paychex
Cottrell Paper Co
Navigating complexities of return-to-work process

“You never know, day to day, how this situation changes and it changes very rapidly …. We don’t want to be on the wrong side of making a bad decision.”

10-49 Employees
Testimonial from Crown Jewell for Paychex
Offering a helping hand

“As this pandemic hit, we didn’t have a lot of direction as to what was going to happen next … [my HR consultant] was able to take me by the hand and walked me through every step of the employee process I was unfamiliar with.”

10-49 Employees
Thrive and survive testimonial
Technology in the nick of time

“There were just so many technology pieces that made my clients’ lives easier, which ultimately allowed me to help them focus on their business and their employees.”

50-1,000+ Employees
Testimonial from ASTMH
Think big, expand staff – and do it easily with help

“(With staff in multiple states), we had different state labor laws (to deal with) … we didn’t have the resources to address …. Paychex sorted through that for us so we didn’t have to spend any time or effort on figuring it out.”

10-49 Employees
Kay Farjadi Testimonial for Paychex
The essence of teamwork

“Having adequate conversations with each employee so they can tell me what makes them most comfortable (where safety is concerned during COVID-19 pandemic) – that’s priceless. It brings me peace of mind.” -- Khandan Farjadi, owner, Farmers Insurance agency in Fresno, California

10-49 Employees
Testimonial video
The H.Y.P.E. is Real

“When we looked at Paychex, we wanted to look at a system that not only encompasses what we needed but where we wanted to go.”

- Shiloh Jones, CEO, H.Y.P.E. Counseling Services

50-1,000+ Employees
Pet Partners

"We chose Paychex because we believed that the mantras were the same. Let's help with business solutions. Let's help take away burdens of business so that our communities and our companies can do what they do best." -- Janice Brown, Director of People and Organization

50-1,000+ Employees
Holy Childhood Testimonial
Holy Childhood

"Paychex gives us things that we couldn't do on our own — integration, wonderful customer service, responsiveness, and the ability for our employees to see things for themselves in a real-time basis.” -- Diane Syta, Chief Financial Officer

50-1,000+ Employees
Human Resources
WXXI Public Media

“Payroll, HR, keeping up with the changing IRS rules; these are things that are critical to making our business hum … Not having to invest in the back office means we can put our resources into our core business.”

10-49 Employees
Human Resources